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How To Find Your Stroller At Disney?

Walt Disney company was able to create the most magical place on the face of the planet. That’s why Disney Resort, Disney Springs, and Disney theme park are one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. But things can get a little tricky when you have a kid by your side on a Disney vacation.

If you’re taking your stroller on the Disney trip or even renting one for the trip, you’re probably worried about how to find your stroller at Disney or even stroller theft Disney, right? But we’re here to assure you to not worry because this article will guide you through the journey using some much-needed tips about the best stroller for Disney.

We will tell you whether you should take a stroller or not, whether you should rent a stroller at Disney, what are the stroller requirements at Disney, and how to find your stroller at Disney. I’m sure you’re curious to find out more, so what’s the wait? Let’s get into it!

Should I Take A Stroller To Disney?

Yes! The best stroller is a must for any parent at Disney world. Many parents tend to think that maybe they won’t need a stroller at all, maybe at Disney world their kids will be able to manage all the walking on their own, but I can assure you, using a stroller will make your life easier and your stay at the Walt Disney World resort much more comfortable.

Kids are unpredictable. Their mood swings are a challenge to deal with, so it’s better to have a stroller with you and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Plus, Disney is a crowded place, so using a stroller will allow you to keep your kid seated right in front of you the whole time.

If you have two kids, I’d still recommend bringing the best double stroller with you. Of course, double strollers are bulky and large, but they’ll help a huge deal.

You can search for the best double strollers for Disney, or you can even bring a triple stroller if required.

But make sure to use the stroller lock to avoid stroller theft!

Renting strollers at Disney World is probably not the wisest of decisions, since after you get off a ride, looking for that particular stroller in the stroller parking, where all the strollers look the same, could be a struggle. How can you manage to find your rented stroller from the sea of identical strollers, right?

Disney Stroller Requirements

Before taking your stroller to Walt Disney World, there are certain facts that you must keep in mind about Disney’s stroller policy. Disney doesn’t let just any stroller in. There are certain requirements that your stroller must meet before entering the theme park.

The official maximum dimensions are 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 52 inches (132 cm) long. If your stroller is any larger than this, it won’t be allowed in.

So before leaving for Disney, make sure to double-check your stroller’s dimensions and make changes arrangements accordingly. Many stroller companies meet the requirements, including City Mini Double, Baby Jogger City Select, Bob Stroller, and even some Magic strollers.

Plus, stroller wagons aren’t allowed at Walt Disney World. A parent might be tempted by the thought of taking a stroller wagon as it can be much more useful for a younger baby, but unfortunately, it’s against Disney’s rules.

And before getting in, your stroller’s basket will be checked thoroughly, so make sure that your basket isn’t filled to the top as that will lead to an inconvenience.

How To Find Your Stroller At Disney?

Get A Stroller With Unique Designs

Colorful unique baby stroller should be identifiable from a distance. - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Your stroller should be identifiable from a distance. Source: Baby & Co

If you’re a parent who’s willing to buy a brand new stroller for a trip to Disney World, I’d recommend buying a stroller with a unique design: any pattern or color that will make the stroller stand out among the crowd. It can include a unique build or a feature that isn’t very common in most strollers.

If you can’t seem to find a stroller like that, try to look for a stroller with a funky (or unique) seat cover: maybe a stroller that comes in colors like red or neons. Since you want to make it easier for you to spot the stroller once you get off the ride, you need to have a stroller that has a certain unique quality.

Use Stroller Signs Or Stroller Tags

Customized stroller tags are a great way to identify yours from a pool of strollers. - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Customized stroller tags are a great way to identify yours from a pool of strollers. Source: Happiness Is Homemade

Many people like to tag their luggage before going on a flight to make it easier to spot it when they get off the plane. Well, tagging your stroller in Disney world serves the same purpose. It can take parents quite some time to find their stroller after they get off a ride. In such a scenario, Disney stroller tags and signs will save loads of time and energy.

Before getting on a ride at Disney World, strollers at Disney need to be parked in the designated stroller parking area. And you might not find them in the same spot when you come back. In times like these, your stroller tags for Disney world will feel like a blessing.

All you have to do is look for your personalized Disney stroller tags and ta-da, there you have it!

Plus, you can customize your Disney stroller signs. You can use a Disney name tag template available online that you can print out, but if you’re feeling a little creative, you can also DIY your stroller parking sign. And if you’re not in the mood for crafting, you can just purchase a stroller sign for Disney online.

“DisneyBound” The Stroller

Disneybound your stroller - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Transform your stroller as if it just came out of a Disney movie! Source: CafeMom

In Disney, no one is allowed to dress like a Disney character, so no one mistakes the guests for the cast members, as most cast members are dressed in costume. But when you enter Disney World, it feels like it’s October 31st, and everyone’s dressed up in costumes.

No one is actually “dressed up” in characters, but they use everyday clothes to reflect their favorite characters. This phenomenon is known as ‘DisneyBounding.’

Most people are Disneybounded in Disney parks, so wouldn’t it make sense to Disneybound your stroller too? And Imagine how easy it would be to spot your stroller in a crowd if it’s dressed up as a Disney character, which makes this one of the best stroller decorating ideas Disney.

For example, if you want to dress your umbrella stroller up as Peter Pan, you can cover it with green felt and add a few red feathers to the sun cover to mimic his hat.

Or if you want to Disneybound your stroller as Olaf, you can cover it with white felt and add a couple of black circles and an orange nose to mimic Olaf’s look. Imagine how cute your Disneyland pictures will look!

Attach A Balloon

Balloons will help you easily spot your stroller from a distance - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Balloons will help you easily spot your stroller from a distance! Source: The Disney Food Blog

This trick is one of the best, and the easiest, ones. Balloons are easy to spot from a mile away and you can quite easily spot your stroller, but make sure to pick a unique balloon, because surely, there are going to be many balloon-ed strollers at Disney.

Think of bold color, or a funky design, that’ll make your stroller stand out among the rest. Many balloons are Disney-themed, so that can be a good choice for the day.

You can pick any character that you like. And if your whole family is Disneybounding as a group, a stroller balloon can tie the whole look together.

Picture this: the mom is dressed like Snow White, the dad is dressed as Prince Florian, the kids are dressed as the Dwarfs, and there is a red poisoned apple balloon tied to the handle of your stroller. Amazing, isn’t it?

Decorate The Stroller Handles

Decorate your stroller handles based on your favorite Disney theme - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Attach your favorite Disney-themed decoration to the stroller handle! Source: Pinterest

Decorated stroller handles will help you find your stroller in the stroller parking area, and there are so many ways you can do so.

One of them is that you can tie ribbons to the handle, but make sure you choose any color that will pop out. You can even put duct tape on the handle. There are so many patterned duct tapes available in a craft store, so you can pick whichever one tickles your fancy.

Or you can put bows on your handle. The more dramatic the bow, the easier the stroller will be to find. Also, a glittered handle will make it stand out. You can use holographic sheets to cover the handle.

Some other options are:

  • Putting flowers on the handlebar
  • Putting tulle fabric around the handle
  • Putting pieces of lace or embroidery
  • Adding a Disney-themed stroller flag
  • Having and using a unique rain cover

Hang A Colorful Bag Or Backpack With Stroller Hooks

Use stroller hooks and hang colorful bags for easier identification - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Hanging a bag with the stroller not only makes it easier to spot but also adds to the convenience of the parents. Source: Ali Express

Stroller hooks are a very useful device when you travel with your little one. There is so much a parent has to carry everywhere: diaper bags, bottles, formula, an extra pair of clothes, and other park necessities. You can get the handy hooks for your stroller here.

If you have stroller hooks, I’d recommend getting a colorful bag with a funky pattern for your baby essentials. Pick a bright-colored bag that can be spotted from a mile away in the stroller parking areas. Neon colors, holograph prints, bejeweled designs, and glittery exteriors are good choices, as these things will make your bag stand out and help you find your stroller after a ride.

Attach Colorful Toys

Cute colorful stroller toys serve as baby’s entertainment and also help you identify your stroller - How To Find Your Stroller At Disney – Baby Journey
Toys on the stroller will keep your little one occupied while you take a breather during your Disney exploration! Source: Ali Express

Another trick that a parent can use is to attach a toy as a Disney stroller identifier. This can help your stroller stand out amongst the crowd, and will also give you a way to keep your little one entertained when needed.

You can choose any toy you already have at home but there are toys specifically made for strollers available online also. We adore these toys though!

Disney Stroller Rental

Disney rental strollers all look just alike, so strollers at Disney parks are hard to differentiate. That is why we’ll recommend you bring your stroller.

You can customize the strollers the way to want by adding certain elements to make them unique. The same cannot be said about strollers rented from stroller rental companies.

However, if you’re adamant about renting a Disney stroller from a stroller rental company, certain factors might help you. Since strollers take up tons of space in a hotel room in the Disneyland resort and can be a struggle to carry around, so by following the few tips and tricks below, you might be able to manage with a rented stroller:

  1. Bring a toy with you that stands out and attach it to the stroller
  2. Put a ribbon on the stroller handles
  3. Bring some balloons with you and let them stand out!


Hopefully, this article was able to guide you in finding your own stroller while on a trip to Disney by giving you enough stroller tips. You can bring a single stroller, a double stroller, or use stroller rentals, all depending upon your convenience.

The tips mentioned above can play a significant part in making your trip smoother. If you have more queries and questions, leave them in the comments below. Also, let us know which idea you liked the most. Hope this was useful!

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