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Top 10 Disney Stroller Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without For Your Disney Trip

So you’ve planned your trip to Disney World. You have the best stroller for Disney according to the Disney size requirements, and now you only need to find Disney stroller accessories. There are lots of options, from organizers and caddies to the coveted Disney stroller tag.

How do you know which Disney trip accessories deserve a place on your stroller? After all, you have to pack and travel with all your accessories. Then, you must carry them around the park on your Disney world-approved strollers. Not every accessory will make the cut.

Thankfully, this article has many tips about which Disney park accessories for your stroller are a must and which ones you can leave home!

10 Must-Have Disney Stroller Accessories

We’ve talked about the best stroller accessories before. Still, it’s a little different when you’re heading to Disney world resorts or Disney theme parks.

You want practical accessories that are easy to pack and make your trip through the park more convenient. Accessories that make your stroller stand out can also be beneficial.

Therefore, you may need to be a little picky about which stroller accessories you bring along.

Stroller Organizer

First, let’s start with the stroller organizer. A good organizer can help you keep all your essentials within arm’s reach. Things you plan to use often, such as hand sanitizer or tissues, should be easily accessible within your Disney stroller organizer.

An organizer with more protected storage is also beneficial. In these pockets, you can place valuables such as your keys or a cellphone, though we don’t recommend leaving them there when parked.

In most cases, they’ll zip for added security. Some organizers include more oversized pockets for toys, beverages, or bigger items like a to-go baby diaper bag.

Because a stroller organizer often hangs on your handlebars, you want to ensure it isn’t too heavy and bulky and that it keeps your Disney-approved stroller within size regulations.

Stroller Hooks

Popular Disney travel accessories include stroller hooks. Thought the best stroller hooks are great for all trips and occasions. A stroller hook helps to hold bags, purses, or other items by hanging it from the stroller handlebar.

A stroller hook can solve this problem if your stroller attachments don’t have their own hooks or straps. We find that stroller hooks that close, such as the ones that look like large carabiners, often keep your belongings the most secure. Open hooks risk dropping your items if the strap or clip slides off.

Want to be on the theme? Get this cute Mickey Mouse stroller hook by Petunia Pickle!

Petunia Pickle Mickey Mouse shaped stroller hook for Disney trip accessories - Best Disney Stroller Accessories - Baby Journey
This on-theme Mickey Mouse stroller hook by Petunia Pickle is perfect for holding bags. Source: Romper
Petunia Pickle Bottom Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook | Rose Gold | For all strollers or shopping carts | For carrying diaper bags, book bags, and purses | Disney Fun
  • MAGIC OF MOTHERHOOD: Petunia’s exclusive Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook brings Disney’s founding character to life for new parents everywhere. These Mickey ears fit a wide variety of handles to help secure your diaper bag and accessories to your stroller.
  • VERSATILE AND FUN: The Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook is perfect for all your accessories: diaper bags, book bag, purse, cooler etc. Petunia Pickle Bottom has you covered.
  • STURDY AND LARGE: Perfect for strollers and shopping carts. Fits a wide variety of stroller handles. Make every step magical with the essential Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook

Snack Pod or Snack Tray

We all know that our kids can’t go anywhere without their snacks, so why would a Walt Disney World trip be any different? A snack pod or tray is one of the best Disney world accessories to keep your child happy and help you save money by avoiding all the snack bars.

There are many different options for snack trays and pods. Remember, any tray you attach must still meet the stroller size requirements of Disney. A snack pod, which is a mini-version of a tray, can be a better option.

Whether a tray or a pod, they can often hold food and drinks, which is great if all your cup holders are full. There should be no temper tantrums at the happiest place on earth!

Disney Stroller Tag

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention stroller tags for Disney World. Wondering how to find your stroller at Disney? Well, these tags are the answer.

Cute, colorful, and usually Disney-themed, they help set your stroller apart in Disney stroller parking. With a customized tag, you can quickly identify your ride and decrease the chances someone will walk away with your stroller believing it to be theirs.

A Disney stroller tag is perhaps the most popular Disney stroller accessory. You can get yours made here.

Customized Disney stroller tag for Disney trip accessories - Best Disney Stroller Accessories - Baby Journey
A customized tag can help you quickly find your ride. Source: HappyPlaceSigns on Etsy

Stroller Toy

If your child is younger, we recommend bringing a stroller toy. Although, you could always find a cute Disney stroller toy at the park! A toy can assist with keeping your child occupied while waiting in long lines.

A teething toy is wonderful for babies who are cutting teeth. It can offer them pain relief and give them something clean and safe to chew on. Regardless of what toy you’re bringing, you’ll want a way to keep it safe and sanitary. If any of your stroller attachments have an enclosed space, like a zippered pocket, make sure your toys can fit inside.

Stroller Fans

It’s hot at Disney World and Disneyland. A stroller fan is a safe choice and one that can keep your little ones comfortable too. Many stroller fans attach to the sunshade or frame of your stroller with clips.

Look for a child-approved stroller fan, meaning there is no way your little one could get their fingers nipped by the blades. We recommend bringing multiple fans in case one stops working or you decide you want a fan for yourself. Extra batteries for your fans are a great idea as well.

Stroller Cargo Net

Have you ever heard of a cargo net for your stroller for Disney? This isn’t an everyday stroller accessory, but it can be useful. A stroller cargo net often hangs behind the seat by attaching to the top handlebar and the sides of the frame. It looks and acts like a large mesh bag.

A cargo net is fantastic if you want to hold more oversized items such as maps, snack bags, or water bottles. It can help free up space if your cargo basket underneath the seat is full.

Remember, though, that cargo nets don’t provide protection or privacy. We recommend not putting any valuables within this pocket.

Stroller Weather Protection

Even though you likely don’t want to think about it, inclement weather can occur at Disney world. Having a rain cover on hand can keep your trip to the park from ending early. A rain cover protects stroller riders from the rain and the wind. It can also help keep out bugs.

We prefer the covers that use straps to accommodate a variety of stroller models and those that include plenty of ventilation. A sunshade is another excellent accessory to pack in your stroller accessory bag.

Most of the strollers already have a sunshade, but some don’t. Occasionally, your child needs more protection than the included shade can provide. Protect your little one’s skin from the Florida or California sun with shade!

Stroller Ride-On Board

Taking multiple children to Disney? Consider bringing a stroller ride-on board. These boards allow a child to stand between the stroller seat and the person pushing the stroller. They’re excellent for older children who want to hop on and off and don’t require a seat.

As with other accessories, make sure it doesn’t exceed size requirements. As they are larger, packing and traveling with them may also be an issue. You’ll want to try this accessory before leaving home, as most are model specific.

Stroller Lock

A stroller lock isn’t like a bike lock. Usually, they’re small enough to fit in your Disney stroller caddy. To use a stroller lock, a cable is pulled through the rear wheels and locked, which prevents them from turning.

Definitely do not lock your stroller to a bench, railing, or tree. This is not allowed at Disney, and a staff member will likely have to cut your lock and move your stroller. However, wheel stroller locks are acceptable and a terrific way of keeping your stroller safe while at Disney.

Don’t Leave These Disney Stroller Accessories At Home!

Now that you have the best stroller, we hope you’ve found the best stroller accessories for Disney world. We’ve tried to link a few of our favorites to give you inspiration on the best stroller attachments for the park. Hopefully, these accessories will make your family trip safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable!


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