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Nine Dangerous Stroller Mistakes Parents Make

Stroller Safety 101

It doesn’t matter if you have the best stroller if you don’t know how to use it safely.

A dangerous stroller mistake could cause your baby, you, and possibly others around you harm. Many parents purchase a stroller (and stroller accessories), set it up, and think they’re good to go.

Not taking time to learn about the most common dangerous stroller mistake parents make, could be very dangerous.

This article will cover some stroller safety basics as well as accessories that could pose a problem, such as stroller covers. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know how to use your stroller properly and keep your little one safe on the go.

Dangerous Stroller Mistakes Parents Make

How hard can using a baby stroller be? You put your baby in it and go, right?

Not exactly. For starters, you need to make sure your stroller fits your child. Think about when can you put a baby in a stroller.

Usually, a baby needs to be six months or sitting on their own before transitioning from a car seat in a baby travel system or a bassinet to a stroller child seat. As they grow, you need to continue checking the weight limits and adjusting the safety harness.

You should know how your stroller operates and what types of terrain and activities it is intended for.

Beyond stroller basics, certain stroller mistakes can occur before you even put your child in the seat. Here are a few things to consider when using a baby stroller.

1. Covering a Baby with a Blanket

We’re guessing you don’t have a heated stroller, which means you may want to try to cover your baby with a blanket to keep them warm. Alternatively, sometimes parents cover their baby with a blanket to keep the sun off their child when they’re without a stroller cover.

Regardless, using a blanket can pose problems. You want to ensure the blanket never impairs your child’s breathing, whether it is over the seat and canopy or tucked under their chin.

Additionally, you don’t want your child to overheat. Too high of a body temperature can cause heat-related illness in children. A lightweight blanket or thin cloth, like muslin, is often a better choice when you need a sun barrier.

For warmth, consider a bunting or warm stroller accessory designed for your model, so it doesn’t do more harm than good.

Using Light Blankets in Baby Strollers | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Avoid heat-related illness by using light blankets. Source: thewoolart.com

2. Dressing Babies In the Wrong Fabrics

Speaking of heat-related illnesses, dress your baby appropriately before putting them in the stroller. If you’re traveling in the summer, dress your child in lightweight fabrics. The enclosed seats of strollers can easily get extremely hot quickly.

For the winter, dress your child warm, but don’t over-bundle them. Too many layers can impair the effectiveness of the safety harness. They can also cause your little one to get too hot. Opt for breathable fabrics that are thin and not bulky, focusing on using layers that can be removed instead of a single clothing item.

Remember, in the winter, a stroller cover blanket, usually called a bunting, can be worn over warm clothing instead of stuffing your baby into a snowsuit.

Dressing Babies in Layers | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Layers often work best to combat the closed off environment of a stroller.

3. Not Using the Proper Accessories

From stroller warmers to plastic for strollers, there are a million stroller accessories and stroller hacks. That said, not all of them are safe.

Some stroller products that aren’t produced by your stroller brand can even void your warranty. Just because a company produces a stroller time doesn’t mean it is safe for your baby.

Thoroughly research and review all accessories and hacks to evaluate their safety before testing them out.

Plastic Stroller Cover | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Plastic stroller covers are popular accessories.

4. Avoid Hot Hours

Many parents wonder how to protect baby from sun in stroller while making sure they avoid heatstroke. One easy way is to avoid going out in peak sun times or hot hours.

Enclosed strollers, particularly all-black baby strollers, can reach a high temperature inside. If your baby’s stroller has a cover, there could be no air circulation, causing your child to become too warm in the hot environment of the seat.

Furthermore, it is recommended babies under the age of 6 months should not be exposed to the sun during midday as they cannot use sunscreen and the sun may reach them in an uncovered stroller. [1]

Avoiding Peak Hot Hours to Protect Baby From The Sun | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
The children’s hospital recommends avoiding hot hours. Source: Childrens.com

5. Not Applying Sunscreen

If your child is older than six months, sunscreen can be applied. Thinking the large canopy or baby stroller cover will protect them from the sun’s harsh rays is a mistake. If your child is of age, you should always apply sunscreen even if they’re sitting inside the stroller, car seat attachment, or bassinet.

Know the warning signs of sunburn, and that no sunscreen can be a bad idea even if it isn’t a hot day. Shady areas don’t eliminate the risk either, and little ones can still get burned in the shade no matter the hour of the day.

Stroller Shades to Minimize Baby Getting Sunburnt | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Babies can still get sunburned in the shade.

6. Choosing The Wrong Stroller

Going running? You need the best jogging stroller, not an umbrella stroller. Is your child a newborn? You need a bassinet stroller attachment or travel system, not a child seat.

The stroller you choose should match your intended purpose or activity as well as your child’s age. Using the wrong type of stroller or placing your child in a stroller that is too small or big for them can cause everyone involved serious injury.

3-Wheeled Jogging Stroller | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Certain strollers are designed for different activities. Source: Guavafamily.com

7. Not Giving Babies Enough Fluids

Don’t forget about keeping your baby hydrated when they’re in the stroller outdoors! Most children love to ride in the pram, and the strolling motions will usually put newborns to sleep. If your child is happy and content, it can be easy to forget about giving them liquids.

Carry bottles or a thermos with water in the storage basket and set reminders if you need to about when to feed or hydrate your little one.

High temperatures can lead to dehydration, especially if your model doesn’t have mesh, creating an oven-like effect if left in the sun that causes your baby to overheat and their temp to reach dangerous levels.

Baby Thermos to Keep Babies Hydrated | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
A thermos can keep water cold in a hot environment. Source: Waterdrop.com

8. Not Checking The Condition of The Wheels and Type of Terrains

Not all strollers are designed for every type of terrain. Review the wheels and your stroller’s frames for what type of terrain they can handle. Wagons can go everywhere as can most jogging strollers.

However, their often inflatable rubber tires need to be inspected before you set out for an adventure. Alternatively, you may have found the best stroller for Disney or walking through the market, but that doesn’t mean you can take it on the beach or hiking up a hill.

Using a worn-down stroller or the wrong type of stroller wheels in certain settings can cause your stroller to break, tip, or get stuck.

Stroller Wheel Condition | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Always check wheel conditions. Source: Joovy.com

9. Putting Too Heavy a Load in Stroller

You never want to overload your stroller. Obviously, this can make it hard to navigate, which can delay your reaction time when you need to get your child out of the way quickly.

Furthermore, it can make your stroller prone to getting stuck or possibly overturning on varied terrain or bumps.

We’re not just talking about a child exceeding the weight limit, but gear too. Using a simple accessory like stroller clips to attach a very heavy bag to the handlebars could cause your stroller to fall backward with your little one inside! The same goes for when you convert an unused stroller into a pet dog stroller!

Using Baby Stroller to Carry Baby Gear | Dangerous Stroller Mistake | Baby Journey
Don’t weigh down your stroller too much.

How Can I Tell If Baby Is Too Hot?

Heat exhaustion, illness, or discomfort are real concerns for parents who use even the best baby stroller. This is especially if clueless new parents choose to use a plastic stroller cover or blankets in attempt to protect babies from the heat.

Monitor your baby for signs of:

  • A temperature greater than 100.3 °F
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Hot, red, dry skin
  • Shallow breathing
  • Fussiness
  • Sunken soft spot
  • Unconsciousness

Tips For Keeping Babies Safe During Stroller Rides

First, always check that you have the correct stroller for the job. Review the height and weight limits and the activities the stroller is intended for. Know how to properly use all the features of the stroller and how to secure your child with the harness.

Think about the weather. If it is warm, use the canopy instead of blankets to block the sun. Constantly monitor your child’s temperature and be sure to keep them hydrated.

Dressing them in lightweight clothes and avoiding the sun’s peak hours can help you to avoid heat illness or sunburn. In the winter, don’t over-bundle your baby.

Make sure blankets are impairing their breathing or preventing the safety buckles from working. Using safe accessories, like a bunting, can be better than too many clothes or suffocating blankets.

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Strollers are essential items of baby gear, but it is important to know how to use them safely.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you and your little one happy and out of harm’s way no matter where your adventures take you!

If you have any additional stroller safety questions, we would love to hear them in the comments.

Dangerous Stroller Mistakes Parents Make | Baby Journey

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