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156 Middle Names for Olivia – Ideas For Cute Little Girls

Are you searching for the middle names for Olivia? When I was struggling with the middle name, it was so much more challenging when I had to pick the first name for my child.

The middle name needs to sound perfect between the chosen first name and the last name, and trust me, this can take ages as compared to racking the brain for the perfect baby announcement ideas.

Olivia girl name is such a beautiful, meaningful girl name you can pair with numerous middle names. But, how to choose? Here is a list that will help you narrow your choice down! 

First, let’s see more about Olivia name origin and other information!

The Meaning Of Olivia Baby Name

I like the Olivia name. For me, naming your baby Olivia offers a perfect balance between a modern-sounding name and traditionality. If you wonder where does the name Olivia come from, the answer is the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece.

Olivia is a Latin name derived from the Latin word Oliva, with the meaning of olive tree. Also, the olive tree is a known symbol of peace, so you interpret the Latin word and meaning of Olivia in the context of peace and serenity. When it comes to baby shower, the name itself is inspiration enough to decorate your baby shower cakes and cupcakes in anticipation of the child!

Some famous Olivias that proudly carry this name are Olivia Newton-John, the famous singer, Olivia Wilde a well-known actress, and Olivia Goldsmith, the novelist. The latter one is best known for her book The First Wives Club. There is also a movie filmed according to the book. Apart from that, this rather traditional name is also made popular by William Shakespeare’s play called The Twelfth Night. [1]

How Popular is the Baby Girl Name Olivia?

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

You can expect more famous women to carry the name Olivia in the future, considering that it is among the most popular girls’ names in English-speaking countries. In fact, the baby name Olivia has been consistently on top of the most popular baby names! [2] For years 2019, 2020 and 2021, Olivia is the most popular girl name in the USA!  

Nicknames for Olivia

Names like Olivia, which are moderately short, don’t come with a huge list of possible nicknames. Still, there are some cute nicknames for Olivia for your baby. Those include Liv, Ollie, Livie. 

If you prefer funny nicknames for Olivia, you may try Lolly, Oie and Lily! Some people also use Lovie as short for Olivia.

Different Ways To Spell Olivia

The Olivia nicknames can also be used for names similar to Olivia, with slight spelling differences. 

In some Eastern European countries, such as Poland, Olivia is spelled Oliwa. Other spelling variants you can come across are Alivia, Alivvea, Olivea and Olyvia. 

These are creative ways to spell the baby Olivia name and make it a little different and unique. 

However, these names all mean the same and sound lovely! 

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156 Great Middle Names For Olivia

Hopefully, you can find the suitable middle name for Olivia you like on the following list. I divided the list into several sections so you can easily navigate through more than 150 names that go with Olivia!

Cute Middle Names to go with Olivia

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

Parents who want to balance the sophistication of the name Olivia with the cheerful character of their baby can choose some cute middle name ideas.

  1. Olivia Skye
  2. Olivia Daisy
  3. Olivia Milly
  4. Olivia Coco
  5. Olivia Libby
  6. Olivia Fiona
  7. Olivia Kaia
  8. Olivia Bailey
  9. Olivia Stella
  10. Olivia Agnes
  11. Olivia Fleur
  12. Olivia Hazel
  13. Olivia Birdie
  14. Olivia Taylor
  15. Olivia Dolly
  16. Olivia Christina
  17. Olivia Kiera
  18. Olivia Willow
  19. Olivia Maggie
  20. Olivia Hadley
  21. Olivia Raven
  22. Olivia Cecily
  23. Olivia Kitty
  24. Olivia Cristel
  25. Olivia Kristie
  26. Olivia Viola

Elegant Middle Names for Olivia 

If you want to enhance the femininity and sophistication of the name Olivia, pair it with an elegant middle name. Find the inspiration below!

  1. Olivia Elisabeth
  2. Olivia Isabell
  3. Olivia Claudia
  4. Olivia Estelle
  5. Olivia Valeria
  6. Olivia Aurora
  7. Olivia Tabitha
  8. Olivia Camila
  9. Olivia Scarlet
  10. Olivia Rosaline
  11. Olivia Cassidy
  12. Olivia Lucinda
  13. Olivia Delilah
  14. Olivia Charlotte
  15. Olivia Colette
  16. Olivia Sophia
  17. Olivia Gabrielle 
  18. Olivia Dorothy
  19. Olivia Lillian
  20. Olivia Florence
  21. Olivia Lauren
  22. Olivia Tatiana
  23. Olivia Margot
  24. Olivia Rosemary
  25. Olivia Sylvia
  26. Olivia Beatrice

One Syllable Good Middle Names for Olivia

One syllable names are statement names, easy to remember, and catchy. They also do great on chalkboards when you capture your baby’s monthly photos. Additionally, some of the best middle names for Olivia are on the following list.

  1. Olivia Jean
  2. Olivia Pearl 
  3. Olivia Faye 
  4. Olivia Tess
  5. Olivia Neve
  6. Olivia Kate
  7. Olivia Lark
  8. Olivia Jade
  9. Olivia Vale
  10. Olivia Love 
  11. Olivia Snow
  12. Olivia Rese
  13. Olivia Eve
  14. Olivia Jai
  15. Olivia June
  16. Olivia Lane
  17. Olivia Quinn
  18. Olivia Rae
  19. Olivia Dawn
  20. Olivia Star
  21. Olivia Brooke
  22. Olivia Blue
  23. Olivia Claire
  24. Olivia Fern
  25. Olivia True
  26. Olivia Sage
  27. Olivia Bryne
  28. Olivia Shae
  29. Olivia Jane

Short Middle Name for Olivia

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

Choosing a shorter middle name is a reasonable decision, especially if you have a long last name. Olivia is moderately long-name, so you can pair it with both short and long middle names. If you prefer short middle names, the following is the list for you.

  1. Olivia Aby
  2. Olivia Hana
  3. Olivia Gia 
  4. Olivia Amy
  5. Olivia Juno
  6. Olivia Sana
  7. Olivia Ava
  8. Olivia Jolie
  9. Olivia Leni
  10. Olivia Kelly
  11. Olivia Alice
  12. Olivia Vera
  13. Olivia Rio
  14. Olivia Poe
  15. Olivia Zara
  16. Olivia Lex
  17. Olivia Cindy
  18. Olivia Elsa
  19. Olivia Dove
  20. Olivia Bay
  21. Olivia Lisa
  22. Olivia Rumi
  23. Olivia Dora
  24. Olivia Beth
  25. Olivia Lucy
  26. Olivia Bliss

Spanish Middle Names for Olivia

Do you have Spanish ancestry? Or do you just like the sound of the Spanish language? I hear you! Because Olivia is such an international name, you can pair it with names from other cultures and languages. It goes perfectly with the names of Spanish origin. 

  1. Olivia Sonia
  2. Olivia Sofia
  3. Olivia Valeria
  4. Olivia Maria (or Olivia Marie for French version)
  5. Olivia Bianca
  6. Olivia Leonita
  7. Olivia Fermina
  8. Olivia Zoe
  9. Olivia Isabella
  10. Olivia Nathalia
  11. Olivia Carmen
  12. Olivia Rosa
  13. Olivia Luisa
  14. Olivia Irma
  15. Olivia Mia
  16. Olivia Francisca
  17. Olivia Triana
  18. Olivia Vega
  19. Olivia Lola
  20. Olivia Adelina
  21. Olivia Viviana
  22. Olivia Guadalupe
  23. Olivia Leticia
  24. Olivia Juana
  25. Olivia Teresa
  26. Olivia Nova

Biblical Middle Names to Go With Olivia

If you want to express your gratitude to God for gracing your life with your baby and you don’t want to choose a biblical name for your first name, you can do it for the middle name. 

Biblical names that go with Olivia sound lovely, have beautiful meaning and symbolize the highest value. So here are the best middle name ideas that have religious context and go well with Olivia.

  1. Olivia Anna 
  2. Olivia Bethel
  3. Olivia Gabriela
  4. Olivia Joana
  5. Olivia Joy
  6. Olivia Naomi
  7. Olivia Esther
  8. Olivia Magdalene
  9. Olivia Carmel
  10. Olivia Noemi
  11. Olivia Rebecca
  12. Olivia Faith
  13. Olivia Paula
  14. Olivia Ruby
  15. Olivia Eden
  16. Olivia Tallia
  17. Olivia Junia
  18. Olivia Sharon
  19. Olivia Lillian
  20. Olivia Salome
  21. Olivia Hope
  22. Olivia Jewel
  23. Olivia Leah
  24. Olivia Ruth
  25. Olivia Judith
  26. Olivia Grace
  27. Olivia Josephine

Sibling Names For Olivia 

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

If your baby girl Olivia is about to get a brother or a sister, it is time to consider the sibling’s name! You can always randomly choose the boy or girl name for the upcoming baby without thinking about how it pairs with the name Olivia.

But, I would resist the urge to name the boy Oliver, because it just sounds too similar to Olivia (unless you are going for twin names, then the name Oliver may be a good choice). Instead, there are various names you can pick. Plenty of gentle boy names are great for Olivia’s baby brother. 

You can also choose some names that also represent peace. For girls, pick Paloma and Irene, and choose Paxton and Callum for boys. A great thing about naming your first child Olivia is that there are so many name combinations for a middle name, and sibling names. My favorites are Valery and Hector for Olivia’s sister and baby brother names. 

Here are two lists to consider for sibling names that go with Olivia!

Lovely Girl Names That Go With Olivia

  • Olivia and Valery
  • Olivia and Catherine (or Katherine)
  • Olivia and Kathleen
  • Olivia and Bridget
  • Olivia and Isabelle
  • Olivia and Paige
  • Olivia and Claire
  • Olivia and Felicity
  • Olivia and Laura
  • Olivia and Shannon
  • Olivia and Amy

Great Boy Names That Go With Olivia

  • Olivia and Benett
  • Olivia and Charles
  • Olivia and Sebastian
  • Olivia and Frederic
  • Olivia and Brett
  • Olivia and Ian
  • Olivia and Matthew
  • Olivia and Aaron
  • Olivia and Benjamin
  • Olivia and Jude
  • Olivia and Nicholas
  • Olivia and Hector
  • Olivia and Noah 
  • Olivia and Hudson
  • Olivia and Cormac
  • Olivia and Jacob

First Names That Go With Olivia

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

Some parents like to choose the perfect middle name first, and then narrow their options for the first name. If you have chosen Olivia for a middle name, you have an interesting task since you have to make sure the middle name combinations don’t sound weird in the end.  

You can pick the name by its meaning, for example, shy girl names, names meaning silver or religious-related girl names. Anyway, Olivia is as perfect a middle name as it is a beautiful first name for baby girls!

Here is a list of cute first names that go with Olivia:

  • Amy Olivia
  • Annabel Olivia
  • Juliet Olivia
  • Bridget Olivia
  • Alexandra Olivia
  • Camilla Olivia
  • Emily Olivia
  • Melany Olivia
  • Paige Olivia
  • Felicity Olivia
  • Harriet Olivia
  • Nora Olivia
  • Keira Olivia

Last Names for Olivia

If you are second-guessing whether you’re making the right choice and naming your baby girl Olivia, analyze the last name. 

Here is a list of last names that go well with the name Olivia.

  • Olivia Davis
  • Olivia Garcia
  • Olivia Miller
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Olivia Anderson
  • Olivia Blaine
  • Olivia Cohen
  • Olivia Reese
  • Olivia Harlow
  • Olivia Tiley
  • Olivia Marley
  • Olivia Mackenzie
  • Olivia Madison
  • Olivia Riley
  • Olivia Cooper
  • Olivia Parker
  • Olivia Stark
  • Olivia Tyler
  • Olivia Brady
  • Olivia Rich
  • Olivia Jones
  • Olivia Finley
  • Olivia Clark


Have you picked your perfect middle name that goes with Olivia yet? I like Daisy and Valeria to make Olivia a very feminine name, but the short names such as Aby and Amy sound equally appealing to me. 

How do you usually pick your children’s names? Please share your name picking process, maybe you’ll help some indecisive parents-to-be to decide!

I hope you found all the middle names in my list useful! If you have more ideas for great middle names, please don’t hesitate to share them, and also follow our Pinterest account @babyjourney0183!

156+ Middle Names for Olivia - Baby Journey blog

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