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The Nitty-Gritty Details About Disney Stroller Rental (2024 Guide)

You’re packing all your gear for your Walt Disney World vacation. You have the clothes, swimming gear, shoes, essentials, and even snacks.

Upon loading it all into the car and shutting the trunk, you turn only to be confronted with your stroller.

How could you have forgotten?! Does it meet the size requirements for Disney strollers? Will you need to check it on the airplane? There’s definitely no room in the car…

Whether you forgot about the stroller or already knew there was no way the stroller could make the trip, Disney stroller rental can help.

Stroller rental at Disneyland isn’t complicated and comes with added convenience. Want to know more? Our rental stroller for Disney guide can help!

The Basics of Renting at Disney World or Disneyland

Disney resort hotels and parks are expansive. By the time your vacation is over, you could have walked miles upon miles. It can be a lot for Disney’s youngest visitors, which is why many parents want to bring a stroller.

However, bringing a stroller to Disney world isn’t as easy as you think. Whether it is an umbrella stroller or a double stroller, there are a few considerations to take into account:

  1. Disney has stroller size restrictions, only allowing strollers that meet their Disney stroller rules and policies.
  2. You must get your stroller to the park or the Walt Disney World resort, which means checking it when you fly, packing it in your car, or carrying it on a train.
  3. There’s always the risk that someone else could take your favorite personal stroller, either by theft or mistake.

What’s a parent to do? Well, you can utilize Walt Disney Company stroller rentals. Can you rent strollers at Disney world? Yes! They have lots and lots of strollers, both single and double. You can rent them for the day or get a multi-day rental.

Disney On-Site Stroller Rental | Disney Stroller Rental | Baby Journey
Disney rents strollers on-site. Source: mynews13.com

This way, you’re ensured to meet the Disney stroller requirements and size policy. You also won’t have to fret about leaving your stroller in Disney stroller parking lots.

Of course, there are rules for Disney rental strollers. Stroller rentals from Disney world cannot be taken from the park. You also can’t alter them in any way to either decorate them or attach permanent stroller accessories.

But thankfully, removable items like a Disney stroller tag or a stroller fan are usually just fine. Don’t expect a Disney world stroller to be as cute or cushy as your regular stroller. There is virtually no cushioning, padding, or fabric on these rides for safety and sanitary reasons.

Despite some disadvantages, it’s a super convenient option for parents who don’t want to take their personal strollers.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Strollers at Disney Parks

While it may not be the best baby stroller you’ve ever used, a Disneyland stroller rental does have benefits. However, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Here’s what to consider before renting strollers at Disney.

Walt Disney World Stroller Parking Lot | Disney Stroller Rental | Baby Journey
Walt Disney World stroller parking lot. Source: Pinterest


  • Guaranteed that it will meet Disney stroller size requirements and rules
  • Don’t have to worry about your personal stroller getting lost or damaged
  • You will not have to figure out how to travel with your stroller
  • Won’t have to figure out how to travel from the hotel to the parks with your stroller
  • Disney strollers easily fold for travel on Disney buses or monorails


  • Extra cost associated with the rental
  • Won’t be familiar with the stroller
  • Can’t attach permanent accessories or decorations
  • Sometimes rental shops run out of strollers
  • Strollers must be returned before leaving each park/resort

Where Can I Find Stroller Rental at Disney World?

You can find Disney direct stroller rental shops throughout Disney World parks and resorts. Many stroller rental locations are at the park entrances.

Some parks, like Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, only have one stroller rental desk. EPCOT has two rental places, one for each entrance.

There is a reason why they are so plentiful. Because your stroller can’t go everywhere with you. Each time you leave a park, you must return your stroller. This is true even if you’re park hopping from Disney theme park to park.

Once you leave one park, you’ll need to stop at the stroller rental desk upon entering the new park and get another stroller. Strollers can never leave the parks altogether, either.

This means you can’t take your stroller to your hotel or your Disney resort. Additionally, most stroller rentals from Disney world are not allowed in Disney waterparks.

Stroller use policies can be one of the downfalls of renting a stroller directly from Disney. If you plan on using your stroller for sightseeing outside Disneyworld or just to travel to and from the hotel, you won’t be able to do it with a Disney rental stroller.

The Cost of Renting a Disney Stroller

You may think all this sounds great, but how much is stroller rental at Disney world? The type of stroller you rent and the length of time you rent it can all affect the price.

Thankfully, Disney stroller prices stay relatively the same. As of writing this article, the price to rent a Disney single stroller is $15 per day. Double strollers at Disney will cost you $31 per day.

If you want to rent a stroller for your entire visit, multiple days, you can save a few bucks. A multi-day single is $13 per day, and a multi-day double is $27 per day. If you need a stroller for more than a day, be sure to pre-pay for a length of stay rental instead of doing single-day rentals each day you visit; this will save you money.

There are a few additional considerations. Disney Springs charges a $100 deposit for stroller rental, and it must be made via credit card. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay twice when you leave and go to another park within the same day.

All you need to do is show your rental ticket to a Disney staff member, and they’ll give you another stroller.

Disney Stroller Tag | Disney Stroller Rental | Baby Journey
A stroller tag can customize your ride during Disney trips. Source: Etsy

What to Know About Renting from Third Party Providers

There is always the option of renting from a third party. Especially because Disney strollers are only available at each of the four main Disney parks and cannot be taken to resorts or waterparks.

Furthermore, if Disney stroller rentals run out of strollers, which can occasionally happen, you may find yourself in a bind.

There are a handful of stroller rental shops around Disney world. An online search of stroller rental near me while you’re visiting Disney will yield many results. Sometimes these other rental offices will have better deals, and they always allow you to take your stroller wherever you want!

A few of these third-party rental options, like ScooterBug, partner with Disney. This means they can drop off your stroller directly at your resort; you don’t need to be there to receive it.

Disney rental strollers cannot be pre-ordered. However, some third-party strollers offer pre-order services. Unfortunately, third-party rental prices can vary by location and season, making it hard to budget them.

Popular third-party stroller rentals include:

  • Orlando Stroller Rental. Orlando stroller rentals has a convenient airport counter so you can pick up your stroller ASAP or have it delivered to select locations. They also include accessories like a parent console and rain cover.
  • Kingdom Strollers. Kingdom strollers offer delivery and pickup of both strollers and cribs. They’ll briefly explain how the stroller and accessories work when they drop off.
  • Magic Strollers. Magic strollers have a ton of locations, but they’ll also come to you for drop-off and pickup. They offer a variety of single and double strollers for three different weight categories.

What About Buying a New Stroller at Disney?

As parents, we’ve all been there. You or your child absolutely need something you don’t have, and you’re left with no choice but to buy it.

If you forgot your stroller or found that Disney stroller rental is sold out, you could always buy a new stroller at Disney. The states where Disney is located, Florida and California, likely have many of the same stores you do at home.

You could purchase a relatively inexpensive umbrella or lightweight travel stroller. We would recommend not spending a fortune. Instead, buy a stroller that will do the job without breaking the bank.

You Can Always Bring Your Own Stroller

Of course, you can always bring your own stroller, and many parents do! Your personal stroller can go to Disney if it meets the size guidelines and isn’t a restricted item like stroller wagons.

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain, Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Canopy and Reclining Seat in Velvet Black

A super lightweight umbrella stroller can be affordable.

Bringing your own stroller has advantages. You’re familiar with how it works, and so is your child. It’s likely comfortable and includes all your favorite convenience options. Additionally, you won’t have to pay a rental fee and can take it anywhere you like.

If you plan on bringing a personal stroller, making sure it stands out in a sea of strollers is essential. Our best tip for how to find your stroller at Disney is to use easy decoration ideas. We love Disney stroller tags that are durable and eye-catching.

You could even make your own handlebar banner with pennants from a Disney-themed baby shower. Adding your own personal flair to your stroller will help prevent other people from misidentifying it as theirs and walking away with it.

Final Thoughts

A stroller is often a must when taking your family to Disney World. But you have options. You can rent directly from Disney, choose a third party, or bring your own stroller!

Hopefully, this article clued you in on the advantages and disadvantages of each. In the comments, we would love to hear about your stroller rental experience at Disney!

Disney Stroller Rental Guide | Baby Journey

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