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45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby

Parents looking for stroller solutions for every age and stage, rejoice! For I have finally compiled a list of awesome tips and tricks you can apply to your strollers.

These stroller hacks will make your next outing with your baby a breeze. From toddler-friendly tips to newborn know-how, these tips suit a variety of families, stroller types, and scenarios! We hope these stroller solutions make parenthood a bit easier.

Table Of Contents
  1. The 45 Best Stroller Hacks You Should Know
  2. Stroller Hacks Made for Super Parents

The 45 Best Stroller Hacks You Should Know

#1 Labels and Stickers Make Life Easier

Labels and Stickers Make Life Easier. - 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Whether you are new to your stroller or worried about grandma and grandpa using it, labels and stickers can be very helpful. Use them to easily identify where to pull or push to fold and unfold your stroller, as well as how to adjust the seat, remove the bumper bar, and more.

#2 Grip Tape is Great for Handlebars

Is your stroller grip starting to break down? Grip tape, usually found in sporting goods stores or department stores, can keep your stroller handles comfortable and intact. Using patterned or brightly colored tape can also help you easily identify your stroller.

#3 Oversized Carabiners Help Hang Things

There are many stroller storage solutions, but extra-large carabiners are probably the most popular. They can be clipped onto your handlebar and left to dangle when not in use. Then, when you need more storage, clip them onto bags, your backpack, or anything with straps, hooks, or holes.

#4 Ankle Weights Prevent Tipping

Ankle Weights Prevent Tipping.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Hanging something on the back of your stroller can cause it to tip over. Don’t spend a lot of money on designer stroller weights. Instead, purchase a few cheap ankle weights and strap them directly above the baby stroller wheel on both of the front wheels.

#5 Shoe Organizers To Hold Essentials

A stroller basket is great, but things can get easily jumbled up. Use a small and convenient shoe organizer to keep everything in its place. It can hang easily off of your stroller’s handlebar, holding all your necessities in individual pockets. We also love that this mesh DIY stroller organizer is a breeze to clean!

#6 Bike Locks Keep Your Stroller Safe

Forget fancy stroller locks, try a compact and more affordable bike lock! Bendable models are easy to fit in your diaper bag or even your pocket. While you’re playing at the park you can rest easy knowing that no one will walk off with your baby gear.

#7 Consider a Comfort Cushion for Extra Support

Consider a Comfort Cushion for Extra Support.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Using a DIY baby stroller head support is perfect for little ones who want some extra comfort. It is simple to make and quite durable. You can also choose any fabric you like to match your stroller’s design.

#8 A Clip-On Fan Keeps Baby Cool

Wondering how to keep baby cool in a stroller? It’s easy! Opt for a clip-on fan. They let your child enjoy a hands-free cooling breeze. Because they’re so small and lightweight you can clip them almost anywhere. Some fans for baby strollers are even bendable or rotational so you can find the perfect fit.

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#9 Leash Your Sippy Cup To Prevent Loss

These straps look a lot like pacifier straps but are designed for cups and bottles. You can’t always see what your child is doing in the stroller seat. This means if they toss out their drink you may not know about it until it’s too late. These sippy cup leashes can help save the day!

#10 PVC Pipes Add Handlebar Length

PVC Pipes Add Handlebar Length.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Tall parents often wish there was a stroller extender for too-low handlebars. Well, you can effortlessly construct one using PVC pipe! Say so long back and shoulder pain thanks to this quick and cheap stroller extension hack.

#11 Zip-Ties For DIY Traction

Whether you’re worried about wet surfaces, icy surfaces, or those covered in sand, you can add some traction to your stroller wheels. Simply attach zip ties spaced about two inches apart to the circumference of the wheels and safely navigate any terrain.

#12 Cooling Towels Are Awesome for Summer Trips

Traveling in the summer? Tie a cooling towel around your stroller handlebar. When your little one gets hot use a water bottle to wet the towel and then ring it out. It stays cool and its large size makes it safe to leave in the stroller with your child. They can play with it or lay on it.

#13 Bungee Cords Won’t Let Your Stroller Bust Open

Bungee Cords Won’t Let Your Stroller Bust Open.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

You can find a lot of stroller bungee cord hacks but we particularly love this simple trick. If your automatic locking mechanism is broken and your stroller won’t stay folded just use a couple of bungee cords to hold it closed. This will keep it from bursting open in your trunk.

#14 Luggage Tags Set Your Stroller Apart

You don’t have to be going on a trip to use luggage tags. They are great for helping you to pick out your stroller at the zoo, the park, or the museum. Some stroller models are really popular and when they’re all packed together in public spaces (like in Disney World or Disneyland), it can lead to your stroller being mistakenly taken. A luggage tag on the handle solves that problem.

#15 Binder Clips & a Blanket For Sun Protection

Do you need a DIY stroller canopy to protect your child from the elements? Use binder clips and a muslin blanket for extra sun protection, just clip them onto the existing canopy (or handles) and the stroller seat. Use a plastic material with ventilation, like a shower curtain with holes, to make a DIY stroller rain cover. Stroller pegs are an alternative if you prefer to buy a clip.

#16 Over the Door Hooks Simplify Storage

Over the Door Hooks Simplify Storage.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Over the door hooks make excellent stroller hooks to hold your baby gear up and off the floor. This stroller storage idea can free up space in your garage and keep your stroller from getting dirty and grimy while on the ground.

#17 Clip-On Umbrellas Keep Parents Cool

There are plenty of stroller accessories for toddlers and babies, but what about parents? A clip-on umbrella is a great accessory for keeping you in the shade while pushing your little one. Lightweight models with adjustable clamps can be used with a variety of stroller types.

#18 Reflective Tape Can Reduce Accidents

Reflective tape isn’t commonplace on all strollers, but it should be. You can usually purchase reflective tape at a sporting goods store. Either stick or iron it on your stroller’s canopy, wheels, and frame edges. This will let people see you more easily during early morning or late evening strolls.

#19 A Rain Shield is a Must For Soggy Weather

Don’t want to DIY a rain shield? There are a variety of off-brand shields that fit a multitude of different strollers. They’re a must for rain, wind, and even help with bugs.

#20 Stroller Liners Help Prevent Messy Cleanups

If you have a few craft skills you can probably make this stroller liner. Sometimes referred to as a DIY stroller blanket, this coverage helps to keep your stroller clean. Customize your DIY stroller seat liner with cute fabrics that fit your baby’s style and personality, like this tutorial by!

#21 Head Support Bands Help With Naps

These head support bands can be found on popular craft websites, but you can also make your own. They help to prevent your child from getting a stiff neck when sleeping in a stroller or car seat. They may look silly but they really do keep your kiddo comfortable.

#22 Dish Soap For a Dirty Stroller

Dish Soap For a Dirty Stroller.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Stroller repair and maintenance don’t have to be difficult. Cleaning your stroller is as simple as breaking out the dish soap. Use a scrub brush to work in the soap then spray it down with the hose and leave it to dry in the sun. Easy peasy!

#23 Safety Lights For a Stroller Trip At Night

We love these safety lights as an alternative to the reflective tape. They’re removable and great for when you attend night events commonly held around holidays. Not only do they keep your stroller noticeable but they’re also fun for your child!

#24 Snack Trays Are So Convenient

If your stroller didn’t come with a child command center, aka a snack tray, you may be able to DIY a car seat tray for your stroller. You can purchase a standard car seat tray and with a few extra straps and a little ingenuity, convert it to a stroller tray!

#25 Dress Up Your Stroller And End the “I Don’t Wanna Go”!

Dress Up Your Stroller And End the “I Don’t Wanna Go”!- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Some children hate the stroller and getting them to go can be quite difficult. Some parents have found that making a cute stroller costume isn’t only great for Halloween but also convincing your child to hop in for a stroll!

#26 Flags Make Your Ride Stand Out

While you may look like you are a go-kart racer, a tall flag on your stroller is excellent for theme parks and crowded places. They help you stand out and be easily identified in the crowd so that your partner or group won’t get separated.

#27 A DIY Parent Tray Is a Must

Once you experience a stroller with a parent tray, it will become a must-have feature. If your stroller is lacking this necessity, you can try making your own parent tray for your stroller. We love this thorough tutorial that can be accommodated to fit your specific stroller model.

#28 A Cell Phone Holder For Hands-Free Operation

A Cell Phone Holder For Hands-Free Operation.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

If you are searching for cell phone stroller storage ideas, check out the hands-free cell phone holder. You can view a map, conduct a phone call, or peek at a quick text while never having to take your hands off the handlebars.

#29 A Tablet Holder to Entertain Toddlers

An iPad holder for stroller or tablet holder is the ultimate entertainment stroller attachment for toddlers. While we would all love our children to take in their surroundings and enjoy the ride, sometimes tablet time is a blessing, especially when it comes to waiting in long lines.

#30 A Storage Sling for Extra Space

A mesh stroller sling attaches to the side of the stroller, which is great if strollers hanging from your handlebars are frequently in the way of you walking. It’s super light and the see-through mesh lets you quickly assess what is inside.

#31 Shower Caps Seal Up Dirty Wheels

Shower Caps Seal Up Dirty Wheels.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

When it’s time to head home do you cringe at putting your dirty stroller in your car? You could use a stroller mat or try this easy-breezy hack. Dollar store plastic shower caps fit like a glove over stroller tires. They don’t take up any space so you can keep in your car and pull them out when you need them.

#32 A Stroller Hammock for Siblings

Don’t have enough room for all your kiddos? You may want to attempt this stroller hammock. It’s a DIY backseat extender that adds a whole seat behind the child seat. However, use this hack wisely as all that weight could cause your stroller to tip very easily.

#33 Connectors To DIY a Double Stroller

Another great hack for strollers that are short on space is stroller connectors. These work best as umbrella stroller clips but some parents use them on bulkier stroller models. Now you can have a double stroller without the double stroller price.

#34 Stroller Turned Shopping Basket

Stroller Turned Shopping Basket.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog
Source: Little Conkers UK

Here is a hack to keep in mind for when our child outgrows the stroller. Turn your stroller frame into a shopping cart! Attach a few baskets and you have a multi-tiered grocery carrier. You won’t miss those days of trying to figure out shopping cart stroller attachment hacks!

#35 DIY a Buggy Board for Big Brother or Sister

Do you need a place for a big brother or sister to ride? While older children may be too big for an extra seat or sling, they can usually use a riding board. You can find a model that will attach to your stroller via adapters or construct a DIY stroller board if you have the skills and tools.

#36 Color Coded Stickers Simplify Assembly

Strollers that break down into two or more parts are amazing for when you’re traveling. However, when you arrive at your destination, remembering how to assemble them can be tricky. Use color-coded stickers to easily determine which piece goes where.

#37 Tie Toys to the Straps for Entertainment

Tie Toys to the Straps for Entertainment.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

Ring connectors are great for much more than high chairs or play gyms. You can use them to connect toys to the straps of your stroller. No longer will you have to try and keep track of where your child’s toys are or if they tossed them out somewhere on the sidewalk.

#38 A Stroller Strap Extender Extends Your Strollers Life

As long as you are within your stroller’s height and weight limits, you can use a fantastic stroller strap extender. They’re ideal if your kiddo just needs a bit more room, like to accommodate a bulky snowsuit.

#39 Mobile Music Is Fun For Everyone

I highly recommend a Bluetooth speaker for tunes on the go. You can either jam out while you’re jogging or use it to play lullabies for your baby. Mobile music makes stroller rides so much more enjoyable.

#40 Travel Bags Keep Your Stroller Safe and Clean

Travel Bags Keep Your Stroller Safe and Clean.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

If you can get your hands on some water-resistant fabric and a sewing machine you can make a DIY stroller bag for traveling. Or, you can opt for one of these universal stroller travel bags. They keep your stroller safe, clean, and hygienic while on flights or public transportation.

#41 Car Seat Adapters for Effortless Transitions

No longer do you have to wonder how to put the car seat in a stroller. Car seat stroller adapters are a godsend. There are a variety of options out there, just look for your specific stroller and car seat brand to ensure they’re compatible. With these adapter hacks, all your friends will be coming to you for advice on how to attach a car seat to a stroller.

#42 Hang On Handles Keep Walkers Close

I have a child who loves to walk, though they could ride in my double stroller. I worried about them straying away from the stroller, so I got these tagalong handles! They are a wonderful place for my kid to grasp onto while walking, waiting, or just standing around, keeping them close and safe.

#43 Clip-On Doggy Bags So You Don’t Make a Mess

Clip-On Doggy Bags So You Don’t Make a Mess.- 45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

While these are made to be attached to a dog leash, I love clipping them onto my stroller. They’re perfect for holding dirty diapers, leaking water bottles, or sticky wipes used to clean up ice cream. You name it, I’ve probably used these bags for it.

#44 Bug Out Bags are Beneficial For Strollers

Every stroller storage compartment needs a bug-out bag. A mini-version of a diaper bag that has everything you need for on-the-go emergencies (like when you forget the diaper bag). Usually, they include one diaper, one pack of wipes, bandaids, tissues, and maybe even a Ziploc bag.

#45 Bug Nets Can Keep Pests From Baby

Weather-resistant stroller covers do wonders for rain, wind, and pests, but they can be stifling in the summer. Mesh bug nets help to keep annoying bugs off of your baby while still allowing for ventilation. Your kiddo can ride in comfort, cool, and protected.

Stroller Hacks Made for Super Parents

Many of these stroller hacks were designed by parents for parents so you can be a super mom or dad while on the go. Whether it’s convenience or comfort you’re looking for, these tips and tricks can help!

We hope you enjoyed the list. Have a great hack you want to share? Leave it in the comments or share it with us on Pinterest at @babyjourney0183.

45 Awesome Stroller Hacks for A Stress-Free Outing with Baby | Baby Journey Blog

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