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How to Make a DIY Dog Stroller Out of an Unused Baby Stroller? 2023 Guide

As a pet lover, a DIY dog stroller is an incredible gift you can give to your pet faced with difficulty walking on its own due to old age, illness, injury, or disability.

A pet stroller makes it convenient to move around with your dog, especially when going out for a quick stroll, camping, or even traveling.

However, the fact is that it is hard to find a cheap dog stroller even in doggie strollers Walmart platforms! Like me, I know you have been looking at new puppy strollers and are shocked at how expensive they are.

Surprisingly, it is easier and cheaper to convert your old baby stroller to your pet stroller than to buy a brand new best dog stroller. It is good to remember that a new commercial pet stroller may cost the same or even higher than a new jogging stroller for babies.

This article will guide you on how to convert an old baby stroller into the best pet stroller while saving money for more pet treats, yay!

With all that’s said, my guess is that you ready now to learn how to convert a baby stroller to a pet stroller – so let’s wait no more and dive right in!

Factors To Consider Before Making A Dog Stroller

Size of the Pet

The size of the dog plays a big part in determining the size of your DIY pet stroller. A big or a medium-sized dog requires a giant homemade DIY dog stroller, but small dogs can fit in any size of the pet strollers.

For small dogs or tiny dogs, you should also take into account their size when fully grown to avoid making new pet strollers much later.

Chihuahuas Sitting Comfortably in Baby Stroller | Homemade DIY Dog Stroller | Baby Journey
A small dog stroller will be for a smaller breed of dogs, whereas larger breeds need more room converted from roomier strollers.

The Comfort of The Pet

Safety measures should be considered when making the best pet stroller for a dog. You should ensure the unused stroller is still in good working condition for secure and safe puppy transportation.

It would be best to put protective measures in place when making the best dog stroller. One example of this is that you can opt to install mesh wires in front of the stroller to avoid pet flopping.

You can even consider making a bigger dog carrier if you have multiple pets or when a pet parent has given birth to multiple puppies!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog stroller for a small dog or you are making a large dog stroller DIY. Comfort is the key.

Resistance to Weather

Are you the kind of person who will go out under any weather condition? Then, it would be best if you made a DIY dog stroller with parts that are resistant to any weather condition.

This will help to withstand the sun on sunny days during summer and cold days during winter. You should also be aware of your terrain in order to install durable stroller parts such as stroller tires.


Making a converted DIY dog stroller that is easy to clean and maintain can reduce tear and wear and help observing hygiene easier. Most parts should be able to be removed for cleaning and reassembled after cleaning to ensure the pet stroller remains clean throughout.

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It would be best to keep a mental note that when cleaning the used pet stroller, avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners since they cause rust and are harmful to puppy fur.

Golden Retriever Dog in Converted Pet Baby Stroller | Homemade DIY Dog Stroller | Baby Journey
Having a convertible baby stroller with removable parts makes it easier for cleaning should you convert it into a pet stroller.


You should consider the weight of your dog in order to select the right used baby stroller. Always keep in mind to only convert a pet stroller according to the weight restriction. You want a lighter pet stroller since it guarantees easy navigation.

Now that we have explored the most important factors you should consider, why don’t we dive in on how you can actually make a DIY dog stroller?

List of Supplies You’ll Need For A DIY Dog Stroller

  • A fairly used baby stroller
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Mesh wires
  • Leash
  • Pieces of fabric
  • Soft foam or cushions
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue
  • Hooks

How to Make a DIY Dog Stroller: A Step By Step Guide

Step 1

In the first stage, you determine the baby stroller type. A small dog will have no problem with this since it can usually fit in any stroller. However, for a bigger dog, you need first to ensure the stroller can recline to a flat position for your dog’s comfort.

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Also, when it comes to a big dog, you must ensure that the dog does not exceed the restricted weight of the stroller.

Step 2

At this stage, you remove any parts you won’t require. The used baby stroller has some parts you won’t need while making a DIY pet stroller.

Cut and remove the strap which is between the baby’s legs and hook the two straps that run across the stroller into a seat belt. Remove also the buckle so your fur baby can sit comfortably in between.

Step 3

Cover the front part of the stroller and other openings to prevent your pet’s legs from sticking. The front part opening is formerly meant for the baby’s legs.

Step 4

Measure and cut a piece of foam or cushion and press it into the area where the leg holes are. This serves as a comfortable base for your dog.

Step 5

Measure and cut a piece of the vinyl table cloth or fabric to cover the foam or cushion mentioned in Step 4. Make sure it covers all the foam edge to edge.

Step 6

Wrap the vinyl fabric around the foam, and using thread and needle, stitch the fabric piece edge to edge. Make sure to close all the open borders with foam and fabric.

Use materials that are easy to clean after use.

Remember to sew from the interior and not from the exterior.

Step 7

While taking into consideration the size of your dog, now measure the correct length of your dog’s leash from the back of the baby stroller.

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Step 8

Now cut the right side of the leash following the measurement you took above.

Note that the leash length should allow your dog to stand, lie down, or sit while it’s fastened to the stroller and tied around the dog collar. It will ensure that the pet does not leave or fall off the stroller.

Step 9

Sew the leash securely to the belt or harness at the back of the stroller’s frame. Be careful not to prick your finger – you can use thimbles and a large needle for this step.

Step 10

Using the measurements you took in Step 4, cut the mesh wire and attach them to the canopy or hood of the stroller using hooks, glue, or any other adhesive of your choice.

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You must ensure they are firmly fastened to the canopy and the frame. It will ensure maximum weather protection for your dog during outings.

Tips to Making A Quality DIY Pet Stroller At Home

It is essential to check the following parts of your used baby stroller to keep quality control in check.

The Stroller Tires

There are different types of wheels for strollers. Most strollers have either three or four wheels filled with foam or air.

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Since dog strollers are made from used baby strollers, checking the tires to know if they are functioning well is advisable.

Doing so allows you to discover any issues with the product, and if you’ll need to fix or change the tires depending on what needs to be done to make them functional, once again.

Pet owners have a big responsibility of observing the safety of their pets. If the converted stroller comes built-in with air-filled rubber tires, ensure the tire air is filled while you are using your DIY pet gear.

Mother Strolling With Baby by The Sea | Homemade DIY Dog Stroller | Baby Journey
Stroller products with different types of wheels are designed for different uses.

The Stroller Handle

Sometimes, the handles of a jogging stroller may be worn out due to previous use.

Ensure that the handle is strong enough for you to easily navigate when you stroll. Fix anything you feel needs to be fixed to make it suitable for use. In the case that there is too much to maintain, it might be better to consider changing the stroller for a better one.

All in all, we advise that you add any stroller accessories or compartments of your choice, such as bottle holders and trash bags, among other things, to suit your fur baby’s specific needs.

The aim is to personalize the dog stroller you are making so long as you ensure your puppy is comfortable and safe while on it.

Most likely, your buddy might not like the idea of riding in a stroller since it’s a new thing. That said, with proper training, your dog will surely learn to adapt and enjoy all the fun rides with you exploring new places!


1. Are Dog Strollers A Good Idea?

A puppy stroller is a good idea since it allows you to have a long walk in the company of your dog without the dog overstraining. It is a clever and convenient way to move around your puppy while bonding with it.

Another use for a dog DIY stroller is when you need to take your dog to visit the vet. The stroller makes it easier to secure or soothe a rowdy dog compared to forcibly pulling with a leash in an attempt to control it.

2. Can I Use a Regular Stroller for a Dog?

Yes, you can put your dog in a baby stroller if the weight of the dog does not exceed the maximum weight limit. Small puppies are likely to have no problem fitting into any baby stroller thanks to their weight and size.

Still, it may be challenging to fit a big pet into a stroller seat especially when it exceeds the maximum weight of the stroller. In that case, recline the seat to a near flat position to give more room for the dog to fit in.

It might also be helpful to know that a stroller with an adjustable top is easier to be converted or adjusted to a pet stroller. Remember to seal all holes on the base of the stroller seat so that the dog’s leg or paw does not get stuck.

3. How Do I Secure the Dog In A Stroller?

For your dog to be secure in a dog stroller, first tie and wrap the dog with a dog harness around its neck.

Clip the dog harness with the leash available inside the stroller, and your dog should now be sitting securely and comfortably in its seat waiting to explore every corner in the city or even Disneyland!

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4. How Do I Train the Dog to Ride A Stroller?

Is your dog using a stroller for the first time? Follow the steps below to train it to ride in a DIY dog stroller.

  • Encourage the dog to get inside the stroller by placing some preloved treats and toys inside. This will help establish a sense of friendliness with the stroller. Reward the dog every time it gets inside the stroller.
  • Once the dog feels relaxed and comfortable with the stroller, pick it up, place it inside the stroller, and tie it with a leash. Distract it by putting some toys and treats inside next to it to the dog.
  • To get the dog used to the stroller, move the stroller around slowly from time to time.

5. Where Can I Take My Dog in A Stroller?

Your dog needs to see and sniff new things outside the house and get fresh air. Below is a list of a few places you can take your dog in your DIY stroller.

  • Stores
  • Outdoor events
  • Festivals/parties
  • Nearby parks
  • Walk in the neighborhood
  • The vet

Due to legal limitations, does your state or country make it impossible to take your dog in a stroller anywhere? Find out before bringing your fur baby outdoors.

6. Are Dog Strollers Better Than Pet Carriers?

Dog strollers are comfortable for your pet because it allows them to have a visual feel of their environment without feeling like they are being caged.

Pet carriers, on the other hand, are meant for traveling with the dogs and do not provide as much comfort for your dog.

7. What Type of Wheels Are Best for A Dog Stroller?

I personally will recommend air-filled rubber wheels for your DIY dog stroller. The wheels have impressive grip and are ideal for long walks or runs. It makes them comfortable for your dog on rough terrains like hiking trails and beach sand.

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They also have a fantastic front lock mechanism that gives stability to the pet strollers and makes it possible to hook the stroller to a bike and take a ride with your pet on board.

On the other hand, other types of stroller wheels, such as the EVA stroller wheel, are suited for paved and smooth roads. Use these if you plan on only strolling with your dog around the hood.

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