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20 Lovely Baby Girl Nursery Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Your parenting journey could simply means that you want to prepare the best for your baby. You can read the reviews while selecting cute clothes for your baby, shop in person to try out the best baby strollers in town, yet preparing the best baby room for your girl could be a little bit mind-blowing, as there are too many fascinating and cute ideas available online, yet you still not knowing where to start with.

Therefore, here we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-try baby girl nursery ideas for you to DIY at home, don’t forget to add a personal touch to make it unique for your little princess. If you’re looking for an nursery idea to welcome your little prince, do check out our selections on boy nursery!

Now, check out the list and start preparing a cute nursery on time! Pardon me, before the due date!

20 Nursery Themes for Baby Girl

#1 Be the Non-Typical

You can find a rectangular crib everywhere, but if you want something unique for your baby girl, why not pick a round-shaped crib? The soft edges, combined with some calming color like apple green promise your baby a good night sleep.

#2 Light and Translucent

You would never go wrong with white. Choosing all-white furniture with a velvety gray chair can make the room look spacious, fresh, and clean. Add a few soft pink details and a mirror for an elegant baby girl nursery!

#3 A Princess’ Nursery

Bows, canopies, and castle towers combined with a delightful lighting solution are what make this nursery so magical! The warm color of wood works well with shades of pink and white!

A nursery such as this one might be a bit more expensive, but you can create a DIY project out of it if you are a bit more skilled. Ask a partner to join you and enjoy making this lovely nursery!

#4 Lavish, but Practical

While we are at the princess theme, the next idea is a bit luxurious but highly practical. Install the light in the wall while having your carpenter make the working surface as part of the crib. That way, you can almost change the diapers in the crib and keep everything you need within the hand reach in the drawers.

#5 Travel Back to the 90s

Create a retro nursery by using contrasting color tones in the baby nursery! The contrasting color selections create an energetic vibe in the room. Choose two dominant colors, such as orange and green, and find smaller decorations in other vivid colors. You can use letters of different colors on the wall to complement the design.

#6 Mediterranean Style

The most important element in a Mediterranean style nursery would be the plants! Strengthen the beach style by adding a wooden shelf or rattan box. Keep the other furniture light and plain. It will also leave you rooms for additional remodeling as the baby grows.

#7 Flowery Nursery

Wall decoration is important when it comes to the overall look of a baby nursery. Flowers look great above the crib, don’t they? You can accomplish a more 3D effect by choosing flowers of different sizes.

#8 A Modern Zoo

Animals are always a simple, yet effective way to decorate a nursery. Plus, all children love animals! You can find vivid and cheap wall stickers, printed pictures, stuffed animal toys, animal-themed sheets, etc. Feel free to experiment with your little nursery zoo!

#9 Raise an Adventurer

A pop of colors, pictures of distant locations, a native Indian tent, paired with the figure of Peter Pan, will lift the adventurous spirit in your baby girl! Warm, earthy colors match every adventure themed nursery!

#10 Vibrant Coral

coral color ideas for baby girls room

The coral gives you a vibrant, warm, and fun atmosphere in the room. Coral shades are actually easy to introduce to the nursery, as they go well with pastels and neutral colors. For example, paint the room white, and get a crib in a vibrant coral orange shade!

#11 The Classic Red

Red is a vivid color, and many people avoid using it in the nursery, as it can seem too aggressive. However, mixing red details with white walls and white furniture can look chic for a little baby girl fashionista!


#12 Vintage & Elegant

baby girl room ideas pink and gray

You can use the flowery wallpaper as the centre of girl nursery decoration to create a cost-effective yet elegant, stylish vintage nursery. Additionally, a tufted sofa and a plaid bed cover enhance the vintage style in the room!

#13 Sweetest Dreams

For the sweetest baby girl corner, add moon and stars. It will complement even the smallest room and make a charming girl nursery! If you want to avoid dark colors for the sky and details, feel free to mix light grey with white, and add a few colorful details, such as pink boxes, and decorative pillows.

#14 Stylish Rose-Gold Combo

People always deemed that an elegant baby girl nursery required tons of works and money, however, you can simply create one by combining rose wallpapers and gold crib. The pastel combination makes the room look more spacious as well.

#15 Scandinavian Style

Sometimes, the simplest design could be the best design. You can stick with the classy and minimalistic white for the furniture, decorate with a neutral color framed sofa and pillow to create a warm and cozy Scandinavian style nursery for your baby.

#16 Mermaid Nursery

One of the most beautiful baby nursery themes is a Little Mermaid theme. Choose a sea color crib, paint your furniture to match the color tone, add some element of the ocean like pearl or wave printed cushion case. Most important of all, a mermaid wall décor! Be creative by following the guide on the website.

#17 Safari Style

baby girl bedroom decorating ideas - Safari

Reed decoration gives out safari vibes and makes a nursery a relaxing place to be in! Warm colors and wood elements fit perfectly into a safari theme! Animals are definitely the centre of focus for a safari, so don’t forget to add in the giraffe toy!

#18 Pink Aesthetic

When it comes to girl nursery, pink color will never be forgotten. If you want to create a pink realm for your baby girl, make sure to include some colorful details, such as a vivid ball or yellow flower to break the monochromatic look. Use different shades of pink for the best results!

#19 A Calming Lavender

The calming light purple is one of the most delightful colors for interior design, especially for girls’ nursery. Soft purple details will make the average nursery an outstanding oasis and create a calming atmosphere. The purple rug and curtains will do the trick.

#20 White and Gold Polka Dot

If you want to spice the all-white nursery, you can experiment with gold and make a polka dot pattern on the wall. It will make the nursery much entertaining and chic. Balloons are also a less costly option of room décor for your baby.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the baby girl nursery ideas, try to create a playful atmosphere, and don’t be afraid to use vivid colors and bold details. However, if you are unsure which style will match your baby character, keep the classy design of the nursery, and add decoration as your girl grows up!

Which ideas seem to attract you the most? Would you try any of them? Share the articles with mums-to-be and help them decorate their nurseries for upcoming princesses!

baby girl nursery ideas

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