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Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review (2023)

The Nuna brand goes by the mantra, ‘Simple. Practical. Stylish.’ and I dare say they lived up to that and more with the Nuna Demi Grow. Whether you are on a quick errand run to the mall or on a vacation out in the woods, this stroller has the mettle for it. Think SUV without the fuel costs.

My highlight features of the Nuna Demi Grow stroller are its high functionality, great quality build, and its thoughtful features. Moreover, in my opinion, when pitted against similar strollers in the market like the Britax B-Ready its features remain superior.

The Nuna brand is originally from Amsterdam but has grown to be a global brand. I appreciate this because it makes it easy to recommend this stroller to friends and family abroad. The Nuna Demi Grow package contains:

  • The Nuna Demi Grow stroller
  • A rain cover
  • Adapters for compatible Nuna car seats
  • A ring adapter

In this Nuna Demi Grow review, we explore the ups, downs, and in-betweens of this luxury stroller. Here is a brief overview of more to come.

Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey


  • Great for all terrains
  • Easy to steer and maneuver
  • Comfortable well-padded seat
  • 23 different configurations of use
  • Great sun protection canopy


  • Using the secondary seat leaves no room for storage
  • Can be unstable when folded for storage

Nuna DEMI Grow Review Summary


Nuna Demi Grow Stroller

Type of stroller Convertible stroller
Configuration 23 different configurations
No. of recline positions 3
Weight limit 50 pounds for both upper and lower seats
Terrain suitabilityBoth rough and smooth terrain
Compatibility Car seats with adapters
DEMI bassinets

Frequently Asked Questions When Considering the Nuna Demi Grow

In the beginning, it is easy to handle your baby and haul at least one bag of groceries. However, that does not last very long, since they get heavier overnight and this is why a good stroller like the Nuna Demi Grow is a Godsend.

Here are some informative commonly asked questions.

Is it effective as a twin mode stroller?

Yes, it is. Its build is sturdy enough to handle the weight of both babies. It does not lose balance and its stacked design makes it easier to steer in twin mode than longer strollers.

Is the Nuna Demi Grow ideal for all parents?

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality reliable stroller. However, it is a bit pricey and some parts like the second stroller seat come at an added cost.

If you are shopping on a budget the Britax B-Ready might be worth considering but I must say, it does not offer as many features.

Is the Nuna Demi Grow better than the UPPAbaby Vista Convertible stroller?

The quality and performance of the Nuna double stroller are better than that of the UPPABaby Vista. The advantage of the UPPABaby is perhaps that it comes with a pram and is about $80 cheaper.

Which car seats are compatible with the Nuna Demi Grow?

The Nuna Demi Grow stroller is arguably the best stroller for Nuna Pipa and Pipa Lite car seats. They do, however, require adapters to pair but those come with the stroller. These adapters are also compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico Max car seats.

Can you jog with Nuna Demi Grow?

Caveat; it is not particularly marketed as a jogger stroller. However, its general build is resilient enough for a jog or two with the right precautions.

The Features of Nuna Demi Grow

The truth of a stroller is in the push. Does it stick or does it glide? Is it heavy or manageable? How cozy will your baby be in this stroller? There is only one way to find out, let’s do a deep-dive into its features.

Weight Limits

The Demi Grow stroller has a weight limit of 50 pounds for both the upper stroller seat and the bottom one. If you are reading this from across the pond, that’s about 22 kilograms, which by any measure is quite generous.

Better still, the performance of the stroller does not waiver even at full weight. Its motion remains smooth.


The stacked design of this expandable stroller makes it compact and easy to steer. Its structure is also quite balanced such that even under the combined weight of 100 pounds you will not experience too much resistance when pushing it.

This is also made much easier by its ergonomic, adjustable handlebar. I am not exactly the tallest mom in the class so I like that the bar can be set to positions that are comfortable for various heights.

On braking, there is a pedal next to the right rear wheel that you step on once to halt the stroller and step on it again to continue moving. It is quite straightforward once you use it a couple of times.

As you check for the brake pedal, you may notice an adjustment gear near the rear wheels too. It is meant to help you set the right mode for the wheels depending on the type of terrain you are using the stroller in. See? I wasn’t wrong when I said this was an SUV-like stroller.

Recline Options

The Demi Grow upper stroller seat can be reclined between 3 positions. It can also be reversed such that your baby faces you during rides. I find this helpful for when your baby is napping or you are in a high traffic venue that can be upsetting for them.

The bottom stroller seat, on the other hand, is preferable for a sleeping baby as it is not fully adjustable to an upright position. It is also not reversible. Nonetheless, all seat adjustments are effortless thanks to the one-hand button push.

You can recline the seats in 3 different positions on the Nuna DEMI Grow. - Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey
You can recline the seats in 3 different positions on the Nuna DEMI Grow. Source: Strolleria

Safety Features

The stroller seat of this Nuna convertible stroller has a 5-point harness with a height-adjustable buckle system. As your baby grows you would gradually adjust through the various settings provided to ensure that they are comfortable and well-secured. The padded harness is certainly a plus too.

Additionally, each Nuna stroller seat comes with a bumper bar. If you have an adventurous toddler that believes they can hop off the ride like Batman off a building, this will be the saving grace that keeps them on board. The bar is lined with leather and can be removed if necessary.

Stroller Seat Configurations

The Nuna Demi Grow stroller can be set in 23 different configurations. At first read, that sounds like a lot. However, as a mom to a toddler, I would like to state for the record that the more options you have, the better.

Children are dynamic little beings. One day they might be calm while front-facing and the next, they are constantly fussy if they can’t see you all through the ride. It is nice to have options to accommodate your little boss’s needs.

Consider as well, that your needs as a parent may change over time. In the beginning, you may have only one baby but further down the line, you might have two. Being able to have a bassinet and a toddler seat on the same stroller makes it worth the price of admission for me.

It is equally worth mentioning that switching between configurations is easy and will not take up much of your time.

The Nuna Demi Grow can easily be configured with different add-ons.- Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey
The Nuna Demi Grow can easily be configured with different add-ons.

Car Seat Adapters and Compatibility

As you unbox this Nuna twin stroller, you will notice that it comes with two identical adapters. One set is for the upper seat while the other is for the lower one. These are, nevertheless, only applicable for Nuna Pipa and Pipa Lite infant car seats.

For other brands, you may need to source different adapters. There is also a ring adapter that pretty much does the same thing but might be easier to use.

To be able to pair this convertible stroller with the DEMI bassinet you will need to order bassinet adapters. They are not included in the package.

You can pair the DEMI bassinet with the Nuna DEMI Grow stroller but you’ll need to get the adapters separately.- Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey
You can pair the DEMI bassinet with the Nuna DEMI Grow stroller but you’ll need to get the adapters separately. Source: Little Baby Gear

The Wheels

The 4 wheels of the Nuna Demi Grow are foam-filled and have customizable dual suspension. That sounds a little like something out of a car commercial so let’s demystify it.

In better terms, the foam-filled tires are sturdier and can navigate all terrains without letting you down. I find that they require less maintenance than air-filled tires which can sometimes abruptly lose pressure.

The dual suspension is for balance; it ensures that the weight of your babies is distributed between the tires at the back and the front so that the stroller moves with ease. This suspension system also makes riding in the seat more comfortable as your baby would not have to get rocked by every bump or dip.

The back tires are also covered by fenders. They prevent gravel and other debris displaced by the tires during motion from hitting the lower seat passenger. You would also not have to worry about their fingers getting caught in between the tires.

Nuna DEMI Grow stroller wheels are tough enough to go on all terrains.- Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey
Nuna DEMI Grow stroller wheels are tough enough to go on all terrains.

Comfort Features

If nothing else, I would invest in the Nuna Demi Grow for its comfort features. For starters, the stroller seat, headrest, and shoulder straps are all draped in breathable fabric.

It is also possible to remove the padded seat and use the mesh seat with free airflow for warmer months in the summer. The beauty of the padded headrest and shoulder straps is that you do not have to worry about head posture or straps pinching your little one.

On sunny days, the very generous UP50+ canopy can be extended to keep your baby protected. It further has a Dream Drape that can be pulled out or retracted inwards whenever necessary. It is great for keeping your baby covered when they are napping while still giving room to monitor them.

Additionally, there is a peek-a-boo window at the back of the canopy that is made of mesh. It offers great ventilation and gives you a full view of the stroller seat as you steer.

My favorite part is that it is clipped in place using magnetic fixtures. This method is not only easier but also keeps everything quiet and is unlikely to stir your sleeping passenger.

The rain cover, which comes in the package, is equally effective in keeping baby dry in case you get caught up in a bit of a drizzle.

Adjustable Leg Rest

The stroller seats each have an adjustable leg rest that can be positioned to match the recline of the seat so that your toddler is comfortable. I, however, reckon that it would come in handy too if you have a passenger in the lower stroller seat.

It enables you to set or move the upper leg rest to a position where it would be easy to place or pick up the baby in the lower seat.

Storage Capacity

In single stroller mode, the slot for the second stroller seat can be used as an under-basket storage area. It is quite spacious and easily accessible although it can only handle about 10lbs of luggage.

The challenge, however, comes in when you choose to use the Demi Grow in twin mode. With the second seat in place, you would no longer have a storage area which could be a bit of an inconvenience.

The only way to get around this would be to hang a small diaper bag on the handlebar. Hopefully, this is something the brand will address over time.


The first few months after bringing my baby home, my house seemed to have shrunk two sizes. There simply was not enough room for all of us to get around without constantly being in each other’s space. It took some re-organizing tips to get back to a semblance of having any personal space.

My point? A stroller that folds as well as the Nuna Demi Grow is a delight. I equally like that the process is somewhat automated.

You would simply press a button on each side to collapse the stroller and fold the parts towards the directions that they lean in. When folded, the auto-lock system will hold each part in place and prevent the stroller from falling open when it is being moved or during storage.

Speaking of storage, it is possible to fold this stroller with or without the seats. If you would like it to be lean and stay upright to save space, I recommend folding it without the seats.

The Nuna Demi Grow folds into a compact standalone unit. - Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey
The Nuna Demi Grow folds into a compact standalone unit.

Close Alternatives to the Nuna Demi Grow

To get a true feel of whether the Nuna Demi stroller is the ultimate fit for you and your family, it may be helpful to compare it to other options in the market. Here are a few that I would say are comparable to it.

Thule Sleek Stroller

Thule Sleek City Stroller, Navy Blue

The Thule Sleek Stroller is a convertible stroller that can be configured in 14 ways. The bottom area provides you with storage in single-mode and can be zipped to keep your luggage safe. Weighed against the Nuna Demi you may notice other differences such as:

  • Price- the Thule Sleek costs about $60 more than the Nuna Demi.
  • Weight limit- the maximum weight limit of the Thule Sleek is 33lbs while the Nuna Demi offers 50lbs for two seats.
  • Non-removable liner- if you need a stroller with a liner that you can take off, the Nuna Demi might be a better choice as it is not a feature provided by Thule.

If you do not mind splurging a little bit more, the Thule Sleek Stroller is a strong contender for a luxury stroller. Keep in mind, however, that it will serve you for a shorter duration due to its low weight limit.

Thule Sleek City Stroller, Navy Blue
  • Converts from a single to a double stroller by adding a sibling seat, bassinet or car seat adapters
  • Use from birth with Thule Sleek Bassinet or car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • Shock-absorbing 4 wheel suspension for a smooth ride

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller - JORDAN (charcoal/silver/black leather)

The sturdy frame of the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is much like that of the Nuna Demi. It is also a convertible stroller that can carry up to 3 children using a bassinet, a car seat, a rumble seat, or on Piggyback mode for a toddler. It differs from the Nuna Demi due to features like:

  • Price- this UPPAbaby stroller costs about $170 more than the Demi Grow.
  • Seat recline – its seats can be reclined in 6 positions vs 3 from the Demi.
  • Seat position- both the upper and lower seats can be reversed.
  • Weight limit- the rumble seat which is the secondary seat has a maximum weight of 35lbs vs 50lbs for Demi Grow.
  • Storage basket capacity- the storage basket has a 30lbs weight limit compared to Nuna’s 10lbs.

There is no doubt that the UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller will give you lots to consider. Its features put up a strong case for its much higher price.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller - JORDAN (charcoal/silver/black leather)
  • Enjoy a softer ride pushing one child (or three!) over any ground surface thanks to a new spring-action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer tires.
  • Extended canopies on the toddler seat and RumbleSeat accessory include zip out fabric that provide even more shade from the sun. Mesh panels also make it easy to peek in while adding airflow.
  • A higher back and deeper foot rest on the toddler seat provide added comfort for growing children

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller, Pistachio

If you are looking for a budget stroller that is comparable to the Nuna Demi Grow, the Britax B-Ready G3 would be a good fit. It can be configured in 12 seating positions and is compatible with all BOB and Britax brand car seats. Its distinct features include:

  • Price- it is priced over $500 less than the Nuna Demi stroller.
  • Weight limits- it can take on as much as 55 pounds of baby weight when used in single-mode; that limit is lower if you use both the upper and lower seats.
  • Rain cover- it does not come with a rain cover but has a canopy.
  • Car seat compatibility- only the upper seat section is compatible with car seats without requiring adapters. To use a car seat in the lower section you will need to buy adapters.

The Britax B-Ready G3 will offer you a good share of the features of the Nuna Demi Grow. It, nevertheless, does not deliver the same refined reliable design. I would also not recommend it for use in rough terrain; its build does not feel resilient enough for that.

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller, Pistachio
  • Versatile design, no flat rubber tires, and double seating with the same mobility as a single stroller
  • Quick fold with 1 or 2 seats attached; 12 seating options when paired with the B Ready Bassinet, Britax Infant Car Seats, or B Ready Second Seat (all sold separately)
  • Travel System ready: compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats


The upside of investing in a well-built convertible stroller is that it will serve you well and for a longer duration. This is one of the many reasons why I would recommend this Nuna stroller for twins. In terms of suitability, consider the Nuna Demi Grow if you:

  • Need a stroller that is easy to maneuver in different kinds of terrain.
  • Would enjoy comfortable steering with an ergonomic handle that is height adjustable to suit you.
  • Prefer a stroller with a generous weight limit of up to 50lbs.
  • Need a stroller that is stylish, durable, and offers numerous configurations.

Does this sound like the luxury ride you are hoping for? If so, check it out here.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Nuna stroller review! Thoughts? Do comment below!

Nuna DEMI Grow Convertible Stroller Review | Baby Journey

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