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How Many Strollers Do I Need? 7 Factors That Will Influence Your Buying Decision

As a new parent, you are met with doubts and questions right, left, and center. A considerable chunk of your life starts revolving around whether you should do this, avoid this or skip this altogether.

And among such confusions, a question that pops up frequently is ‘how many strollers do I need?’. Everyone around you offers a piece of advice, but the more the opinions, the more your perplexity.

In this article, we will break down the primary question of how many strollers do you need. Various factors influence the decision of buying different strollers, which broadly include your baby’s age, your family’s size, your parenting style, and your budget, among other factors.

So, let us get straight into the topic and discuss all these factors one by one.

How Many Strollers Do You Really Need?

The number and types of strollers you should have is heavily dependent on your needs and requirements. With the wide variety of baby strollers available in the market, the decision does seem to be a bit daunting, but most new parents settle with one to three strollers.

There is a stroller for every need! - How Many Strollers Do I Need? | Baby Journey Blog
There is a stroller for every need so how many to get will depend on what you need.

According to Baby Zeen, for the majority, two strollers work best. A must-have option for all parents is a regular stroller that offers comfort along with storage, which works best for you and your baby during long periods, such as walks and short trips.

Apart from this, some parents also prefer to have an umbrella stroller in addition to a regular stroller, which offers them the convenience of carrying their baby when they want to leave the house for a shorter duration.

A third stroller is typically only required if you have a specific demand to meet. Like, if you have an active lifestyle, you would want to get a jogging stroller that allows for safe jogging with your baby. Jogging strollers work best on uneven terrain.

Similarly, if you are keen on adventures or hiking, you might want to look into strollers for airplane travel or strollers for hiking trails, respectively. Travel systems can also double as a car seat, so you can safely transport your kids from the stroller to the car without any hassle of unbuckling them from the stroller seat and securing them in the car seat.

Factors To Consider While Buying Strollers

Your baby’s age

Various type of strollers works for babies of different age groups. If you intend to use a stroller for your newborn baby from day one, you need to ensure that the stroller provides safety and is newborn-friendly.

Usually, the newborn-friendly umbrella strollers offer a deep recline or bassinet mode, sometimes even with a car seat, that allows them to lay flat. My personal favorite bassinet stroller is the Chicco Urban Stroller, so you might look into that if you are interested in buying one.

Once your baby is about six months old, they will start to control their neck movements. Your infant child will also begin to sit without any additional support, so you can ditch the bassinet and replace it with a regular umbrella stroller seat if you have a combination stroller.

Instead of a combination stroller, you can also opt for a fold-back seat stroller, where you can keep the backseat straight for the initial months of your baby’s life and then start to elevate the backseat as they begin to grow a bit older.

Size of your family

The number of kids you have is also a major determining factor for the number and type of stroller you need.

Many of the best strollers in the market are for one child, so finding a good stroller for your kid isn’t much of a hassle.

However, if you have twins or two babies with a minor age difference, you should probably invest in a twin stroller, or a double stroller, instead of attaching two strollers together, as a double stroller takes away the need to carry one child at all times.

If you have twins along with an older child, you can go for a three-kid stroller. It also works best in case you have triplets, as instead of buying three separate strollers, you can buy a single stroller for three kids.

Most people also choose to get a double stroller for twin babies and a separate stroller for the older ones. Double strollers are the second most purchased type of stroller after single strollers.

The number of kids in the family also determines the types and numbers of strollers required. - How Many Strollers Do I Need? | Baby Journey Blog
The number of kids in the family also determines the types and numbers of strollers required. Source:

Your lifestyle

Half the battle of buying the ideal stroller for your baby is to understand and reflect on your lifestyle. If, as a family, you are not very keen on adventures and prefer to limit your trips only to the shopping malls or nearby parks, you should invest in a regular umbrella stroller instead of going for all the fancy ones.

Jogging Stroller:

For a family keen on exercises and jogs, it is best to look for a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller allows you to maintain your healthy life while also not compromising on spending some quality time with your baby, as it provides safety on uneven terrain.

If you are looking for recommendations on jogging stroller models, a solid favorite among parents is the Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller. We previously compared Thule against Bob Revolution stroller in our review, which you can check out.

Umbrella Stroller and Travel Systems:

If you are a travel enthusiast, we highly recommend you go for an umbrella stroller or a baby travel system. Both of these provide safety, ease movements, and offer comfort to your baby at all times while also lessening the hassle and delays for you. Moreover, you can attach the car seat to most travel systems, making your life a bit easier. The car seat can also double as a baby carrier, thus not disturbing the baby while they are asleep during the ride.

In our opinion, the best umbrella stroller you can get for your toddler is the Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience Stroller, while the best travel system is the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller.

Your budget

There is no denying the fact that you love your kid with your heart and soul, but you will also not go and break your bank only to buy strollers for them. Finding a stroller that checks all the boxes of your requirements while also being within your budget is a win-win situation for everyone.

There is a variety of various affordable as well as luxury strollers available out there in the market. However, instead of focusing more on the cost attached to the stroller, you should concentrate on the value for money that it provides.

There is no harm in going through a couple of parenting websites and reading various ratings and reviews to ensure that the stroller you end up buying is worth its cost.

Weight of the stroller

The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to deal with it. Lightweight strollers are easy to push, easy to travel with, easy to pack in the car, easy to take upstairs, thus making your life a great deal easier.

However, it is not always possible to get a lightweight stroller, as the lightweight strollers are typically umbrella strollers, which are recommended for older babies instead of newborns.

Super lightweight umbrella strollers weigh around 8 to 10 pounds but are not suitable for newborns. For newborns, the ideal weight you can get of a stroller is about 11 to 16 pounds. If there is no limitation on the weight of the stroller, you can also look into prams, which typically weigh over 40 pounds.

Easy to use, fold and unfold

For a stroller to land among your list of favorites, it should go through one basic test: it should be easy to use, fold and unfold.

When you are carrying your baby in one hand along with the diaper bag and any other bags, you really do not have a lot of room to make sure you take your time to fold and unfold the stroller.

Most strollers do advertise a one-hand folding strategy, but it is best to try it in person to ensure that you will feel comfortable folding and unfolding it, even when you are in a hurry. Moreover, the stroller should be easy to steer and maneuver, not only on the shiny surface of a shopping mall but also on uneven sidewalks and hilly terrain. Usually, a 3-wheel stroller may offer smoother navigation than a 4-wheel model.


When you have a kid, no amount of storage is ever enough starting from newborn to infant and toddler stage – and that’s a fact! You will need to have this stroller with you when you are running errands or going grocery shopping, so the stroller needs to have enough storage to store grocery bags as well as the diaper bag.

Look for a storage basket under the seat, as it might not seem important to you right now, but you will thank us later! Also, it is nice to have cup holders or storage space on the handlebars of the stroller that keep a bottle of water, your cup of coffee, or your baby’s pacifiers in reach.

 Relieve yourself from the burden of carrying so much at a time. - How Many Strollers Do I Need? | Baby Journey Blog
Relieve yourself from the burden of carrying so much at a time. Source: Ali Express

The Pros and Cons of Having More Than One Stroller

By now, you might have got a rough idea of whether you want to stick to one stroller for your baby or do you want to get more than one. Now, let us discuss some pros and cons of owning more than one stroller, which will help you finalize your decision!


  • If you have more than one kid, you no longer have to carry them in your arms or a baby carrier, as the other stroller will fit them in.
  • Most strollers come with dedicated storage space, so you can stash your grocery bags or diaper bag in it instead of carrying them with you.
  • You can have more outdoor activities and experiences with your baby if you invest in an extra stroller, such as a jogging stroller or a hiking stroller. Similarly, the lightweight and easy-to-fold umbrella strollers can be used daily for shopping trips or walking around the neighborhood.
  • For nature enthusiasts, travel systems allow them to plug the car seat directly into the frame of the travel system, thus not disturbing your child while they are peacefully sleeping in the car seat. Moreover, the car seat from the travel system can also act as a baby carrier, which makes travel systems the best combination of strollers for the majority of parents.
  • In the case of twin babies, the double stroller relieves you of the worry of carrying one kid and steering the other.


  • Buying several strollers can juggle your finances a bit, as top-quality strollers come with a comparatively higher price tag. It is always advised and recommended to go through various reviews online and try out the stroller in person before making the deal to ensure that you get the value for your money.
  • Stashing more than one stroller in your car or your garage can take up a lot of space, so before buying the strollers, you need to keep in mind that you have the place to accommodate them well.


In a nutshell, buying the perfect stroller that offers comfort and safety to your baby while also being within your budget and requirements is a task that requires a lot of research.

So, you might want to clear your schedule for a couple of hours and dedicate them to researching the different types of strollers that suit your needs.

If you have any questions or ambiguities, please feel free to direct them our way in the comments, and we will be glad to address them. We hope this proved to be informative and insightful for you!

How Many Strollers Do I Need? | Baby Journey Blog

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