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25 Baby Baptism Gifts For Every Guest and Budget

Are you a guest at the upcoming baptism? Parent of the baby or godparent? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably contemplating suitable baby baptism gifts.

A present for baptism should be meaningful and tailored to that specific baby. If you cannot get any baptism gift ideas, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! With so many options out there, from expensive jewelry to much-needed practical baby items, it gets challenging narrowing all choices to the best gift for baptism.

Discover ideas for baptism gifts below for every budget and role – parent, godparent, grandparent, friend or family!

25 Practical Yet Meaningful Meaningful Baptism Gifts

Sleeping baby girl in a basket with soft toy and a pair of baby booties - Baby Baptism Gifts - Baby Journey

Many people may wonder, what is a good gift for a baptism? For me, personalized baptism gifts come first in my mind because they show that you’ve made an effort to come up with something unique.

Traditional baptism gifts, a children’s Bible for example, can also be a good idea. However, there are so many more appropriate gifts for baptism. Take a look!

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1. Baptism Baby Mobile

Handmade baby baptism mobile gift idea - Baby baptism gifts - Baby Journey
Source: MiracleMobile

If you lack infant baptism gifts ideas, think about a baby mobile. But skip cheap plastic ones. A handmade crib mobile, such as this neutral sheep handmade baby mobile, shows class and lasts forever.

Baby’s parents will probably want to keep it when the baby gets older or use it for a second baby! A baby mobile is a beautiful and practical present for a baby’s baptism. It stimulates the baby’s brain development.

2. Personalized Baby Quilt

Embroidered personalized baby quilt - Baby baptism gifts - Baby Journey
Source: TheGreatStuffCompany

Some people still keep their quilt from early childhood! So, why not get a personalized baby quilt as a sweet baptism gift? You can order it to include the baby’s name and decide if you want bible verses to be embroidered. Order it on time, so you get it on time for the baby’s special day.

Some people can choose many some Christian symbols instead of bible verses. Whatever you choose, make sure the quilt is snug and soft. Personalized quilts also make excellent baptism gifts from grandparents.

3. Baby’s First Bible Boxed Set

Baby's First Bible Boxed Set: The Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah's Ark, and Adam and Eve (Bible Stories)

A list of children’s baptism gifts cannot be complete without Christian educational items. As I mentioned, a children’s bible is a perfect choice, as well as a set of the most important bible stories in kid’s friendly packaging and context.

Therefore, a little angel can start his Christian journey through delightful stories and religious kids’ literature.


4. Baby Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelet - Baby baptism gifts - Baby Journey
Source: EllieJMaui

If you are searching for unique baptism gifts, keepsake jewelry is an appropriate choice. The Bangle bracelet is subtle and beautiful, suitable for both girls and boys.

Pick a bracelet made from durable materials, such as gold or silver, and engrave a personalized message. That will make the present even more special. Similar items and bracelets are excellent baptism gifts from godparents.

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5. Swaddle Blanket

Ocean Drop Designs Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Baby Swaddle Blanket - Baptism Gifts for Boys & Girls - Gender Neutral Baby Gift - Christian Baby Gifts - Newborn Gifts

New parents might struggle to learn how to swaddle their baby, and they will appreciate a swaddle blanket! Nowadays, you can find soft and high-quality swaddles with Christian quotes and symbols. A lovely swaddle blanket is a great and thoughtful baptism gift if you are short on cash these days!

Ocean Drop Designs Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Baby Swaddle Blanket - Baptism Gifts for Boys & Girls - Gender Neutral Baby Gift - Christian Baby Gifts - Newborn Gifts
  • Super Soft 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket: Our Muslin swaddle blanket tenderly embraces your baby in breathable softness. Measuring 47''x47'', it's an ideal companion for swaddling, playtime, and providing gentle comfort.
  • Heartfelt Gifting, Lasting Memories: Elevate your gift with our muslin swaddle blanket featuring inspirational quotes beautifully boxed. Ideal for newborns, baby showers, baptisms, and gender reveals – perfect for baby boys and girls.
  • Adapts Everywhere, Easy Care: One blanket, endless roles. From naptime serenity to stroller protection, play mat adventures, secure swaddling, cozy and discreet nursing, it effortlessly transforms. Machine washable for lasting softness and ease.

6. Baptismal Bib

Baptismal Bib - Baby baptism gifts - Baby Journey
Source: 2KickinCrafters

A baptismal bib is one of those keepsake baptism items and a thoughtful present. If you are skilled enough, you can decorate and embroider the cross yourself, or find someone who can do it for you.

Personalize the bib with the baby’s name and baptism date, and you’ve got one of the best christening gifts. Bibs and baptism props are the simplest last-minute baptism gift ideas!

7. Wall Cross

Wall cross gift ideas for baptism - Baby baptism gifts - Baby Journey
Source: LGUInternational

If you are searching for another personalized gift that can hold more information, consider a wall cross. It is a gorgeous addition to every nursery, it can hold the specific information you want.

For example, you can have a baptism date, baby’s name, and favorite bible verse carved in a wooden wall cross. Add a personal congratulatory message, and it quickly becomes one of the most significant baptism gift from parents or family.

8. Cross Necklace

Beloved Child Goods Sterling Silver Petite Cross Chain Necklace for Babies (12') & Girls (14') Makes an Ideal Baby Shower, Baptism or Christening, Birthday That Will be a Treasured Keepsake. (12)

Jewelry is one of the most common baby’s christening gifts, especially items with crosses. The necklace is a lifelong present, which the little girl will keep for years. You can find beautiful silver and gold cross necklaces at affordable prices.

Some models are perfect baptism gifts for girls from an early age because the length is adjustable. As the baby gets older, the strand can be two inches longer.

9. Baptism Rosary

Baptism rosary for baby gift ideas - Baby baptism gift - Baby Journey
Source: CharmingRosary

A personalized rosary is a unique present for both girls and boys. Skilled artists make rosaries from the finest materials, such as crystal pearls. You can also ask for an engraved disc that will carry the congratulatory message or name and date of the baptism.

Rosaries are traditional baptismal gifts, suitable for family members and godparents.

10. Musical Lamb

Mary Meyer Inspirational Wind-Up Musical Lamb Soft Toy, Jesus Loves Me

Finding good baptism gifts doesn’t have to be rocket science! Babies love toys, so if you can find one with Christian symbols, even better. A musical lamb singing a wonderful Catholic song is a perfect option!

When picking toys like this for infants, ensure there aren’t small items a baby can swallow and choke. The eyes, mouth, and nose are embroidered on this musical lamb, so there aren’t choking hazards.

Mary Meyer Inspirational Wind-Up Musical Lamb Soft Toy, Jesus Loves Me
  • Melody Wind Up Musical Lamb is 12 inches long
  • Featured song: Jesus loves me
  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric, easy to clean, just surface wash with cool water and mild soap, and allow to air dry.

11. Piggy Bank

Precious Moments Overflowing with Love Noah's Ark Top Slot Porcelain Nursery Décor Baby Bank

It is never too early to start saving for the future, so every baby needs a bank. Brands such as Precious moments make delightful banks out of porcelain in the most amazing shapes.

Pick one with some Christian motive, such as Noah’s ark, to always remind the baby that it was one of her gifts for baptism.

Also, the baby will probably receive money from people who didn’t have time to come up with baptism presents. Therefore, a sturdy piggy bank will come in handy!

Precious Moments Overflowing with Love Noah's Ark Top Slot Porcelain Nursery Décor Baby Bank
  • Inspired by Noah’s legendary ark, this colorful piggy bank features the smiling faces of God’s creatures! Mix and match with all of our Noah’s Ark nursery décor, #173431, 173432, and 173433
  • Keeping their first coins and dollars safe, this bank will be treasured throughout childhood and passed down to future generations
  • The perfect gift for any of baby boy’s or girl’s special occasions, from baby showers and first birthdays to baptisms and holidays

12. Personalized Name Blocks

Personalized name blocks for baptism - Baptism gift for baby - Baby Journey
Source: SmilingTreeToys

Nursery decoration can also be considered a gift for a baby’s baptism. Handmade blocks with the baby’s name or nickname decorated with Christian symbols are cool baptism gifts for boy.

They can last for a long time, and you can choose name blocks if you don’t want to buy a necklace for a boy for that very special day.

Ask parents about the nursery color scheme to pick something which will blend in with the existing decoration. These name blocks are long-lasting, but budget-friendly baptism gifts.

13. Baptism Socks

Jefferies Socks Baby Newborn Christening Turn Cuff Socks 3 Pair Pack, White, 3-12 Months

Socks and other pairs of clothing also make fine christening gift ideas. In fact, clothing is an appropriate gift for almost any special occasion. A pair of white baby socks with cross appliques is both a practical and meaningful present for a christening or dedication.

If you decide on garments as a present, ensure they are from cotton and high-quality materials.

Jefferies Socks Baby Newborn Christening Turn Cuff Socks 3 Pair Pack, White, 3-12 Months
  • This is a 3 pair pack of socks
  • Cross applique on each sock
  • Seamless toe linking construction eliminates bulky toe seam

14. Baby Portrait

Parents probably have tons of pictures of their baby on their phones from baptism photoshoot. Ask them to pick the beautiful one and send the picture to you. Then go to a portrait artist and order a baby portrait! Frame it and give it to the parents.

Digital photos might get deleted, phones stolen or parents can lose access to the cloud services where they store pictures. A classical baby portrait framed and hung on the wall cannot disappear that quickly!

15. Baptism Photo Album

Photo album for baptism - Baby baptism gift ideas - Baby Journey
Source: AlabasterBoxIsLove

Most parents get a professional photographer to capture a special baptism ceremony and reception in pictures. Therefore, a dedicated photo album with printed personal information makes a thoughtful baptism gift.

One with a simple and elegant design, christening motives, and personal information will stand out from other baby gifts for baptism.

16. Baptism Card

Religious Baby Baptism Greeting Card, Made in America, Eco-Friendly (Animals)

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best baptism gifts. A special card is a simple baptism gift, but many will keep the cards long after the toys and other presents are lost or broken.

You can also put some money in the card, so the parents can buy whatever they see fit for the baby.

Religious Baby Baptism Greeting Card, Made in America, Eco-Friendly (Animals)
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Premium Envelope Included, Printed on Thick, Premium, Glossy Finished Card Stock Using Proprietary Process
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PAPER: Promoting Sustainable Forest Management and Responsible Forestry From American Paper Mills. Card Size: 5 Inches Wide and 7.75 Inches Long
  • PRIME GREETINGS is a boutique greeting card studio located in Metro Detroit. We offer personalized, imaginative, and one-of-a-kind greeting cards for every special person in your life. We are honored and love the fact our cards are used every day for the special moments in your life.

17. Baptism Prints

Personalized baptism print - Baptism present for baby - Baby Journey
Source: HealingWordsStudio

A personalized baptism print is another remarkable nursery decoration and a proper christening or baby dedication present. You can hire excellent designer studios to create personalized baptism gift.

Then, you can print it yourself and get a pretty frame to put it. Just ensure you order the digital copy on time, so you can print it and frame it before baptism.

18. Noah’s Ark Playset

ebba™ Engaging Baby Talk™ Noah's Ark Baby Stuffed Animal - Sensory Delight - Interactive Learning - Multicolor 8 Inches

The Noah’s Ark story is one of the most exciting bible stories for kids and adults. You can use the story to teach the baby so many great things, and Christian principles.

Therefore, a quality Noah’s Ark playset with plush animals is an educative, baptism-suitable, and exciting toy for kids.

ebba™ Engaging Baby Talk™ Noah's Ark Baby Stuffed Animal - Sensory Delight - Interactive Learning - Multicolor 8 Inches
  • This plush is approx. 9" x 4" x 5" in size
  • High quality materials make for a soft touch
  • Interactive, noise filled plush with non-replaceable batteries included

19. Keepsake Box

Personalized Baptism Keepsake Box - Baptism Gifts for Baby Girl or Boy - Engraved Wooden Keepsake - Memory Box

If you cannot think of an heirloom present, why not get a unique box for the baby to keep other heirlooms on a special day? A high-quality wooden box with a carved cross, baby name, baptism date, and a sweet message is an adorable personalized gift!

A baby can use the box to keep baptism jewelry and keepsake items.

Personalized Baptism Keepsake Box - Baptism Gifts for Baby Girl or Boy - Engraved Wooden Keepsake - Memory Box
  • Great for storing all your favourite memories, this wooden box comes with a secure lid to keep all your trinkets safe
  • Designed and Engraved by Dust and Things, Wales, UK
  • Perfect as a gift for a new baby on her christening

20. Book of Nursery Rhymes

Book of Nursery Rhymes - Baptismal gift - Baby Journey
Source: MyMagicNameBook

Do you remember your favorite nursery rhymes from childhood? Most of us do! A book of nursery rhymes is a suitable present for everyone – including godparents and friends.

Nowadays, you can find beautiful books with finely selected rhymes and personalized message on the covers. You can customize binding, gift wrap, and pitch rhymes. A present like this really shows that you cared and thought the baptism gift through.

21. Snow Globe

DEMDACO Jesus Loves Me White Silver Toned 6 x 4 Resin Stone Musical Water Snow Globe

A baptism snow globe is an unusual choice of a baptism present, but a lovely one. You can find beautiful vintage snow globes which can even sing catholic songs.

DEMDACO Jesus Loves Me White Silver Toned 6 x 4 Resin Stone Musical Water Snow Globe
  • Jesus Loves Me Musical Water Globe reads "Jesus Loves Me" and is a beautiful vintage musical water globe featuring cream faced small lamb with snow and a silver colored small cross in the front.
  • Water Globe is made of resin stone, water, and glass. Comes in a gift box for easy gifting. Plays "Jesus Loves Me" melody.
  • Water Globe measures approximately 5.5 x 3.75 inches. Elegant keepsake makes a perfect gift for new arrivals and special occasions.

22. Night Light

Baby Night Light as Baptism Present - Baby Journey
Source: DLightGifts

Babies sleep the best in the dark, but parents will have use of night light, especially in those early months when the night feeds are frequent.

Therefore, instead of picking a standard lamp, you can get a beautiful night light with the baby’s name and baptism date written on the light. That way, every time someone turns the night light on in the nursery, they will think of you!

23. Baby Pillow

Baby pillow with cute lion motif as baptismal gift - Baby Journey
Source: Thepillowgeek

Nowadays, you can add various personalization options to almost everything, including pillows and pillowcases. Printing a special message on the pillowcase will result in a unique and practical, gender-neutral baptism gift.

Choosing linen or burlap will ensure the pillow is durable and won’t tear after years of washing.

24. Lamb Lovie

Baby Aspen Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie for Babies Security Blanket, Rattle, Newborn Baby Toy, White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Many babies love plush comforters, I know my girl couldn’t fall asleep without her favorite one. Therefore, a soft, lamb-shaped comforter or lovie can also be a practical and meaningful present.

It will always remind the family of baptism. Chances are they will keep it as a memory long after the kid learns to fall asleep without it.

Baby Aspen Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie for Babies Security Blanket, Rattle, Newborn Baby Toy, White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • BABY LAMB LOVIE - Sweet cream plush lovie depicts a little lamb with hands in prayer and a noise-making rattle in the head, decorated with a silvery thread cross applique
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Surface-washable plush lamb top, and lovie blanket is machine washable polyester
  • MEASUREMENTS - Plush lovie measures 15"" tall

25. Stuffed Toy and Prayer Book Musical Gift Set

Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays, Baby and Toddler Gift Set with Praying Musical Bunny and Prayer Book in Keepsake Box, Boys, Blue

Let’s end the list with another beautiful present for boys and girls because a baby can never have enough stuffed and musical toys.

Pick a blue set for boys or a pink one for girls. The set contains a lovely rabbit, which can teach the kids prayers. The book of prayers is included in the set.

Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays, Baby and Toddler Gift Set with Praying Musical Bunny and Prayer Book in Keepsake Box, Boys, Blue
  • MY FIRST EASTER TODDLER GIFT SET: Introduce the significance of prayer to little ones with the beautifully illustrated board book in the Everybunny Prays Baby Gift Set. The adorable "Pray with Me" plush bunny recites a bedtime prayer, offering comfort to your child. This ideal Easter gift, perfect for baptisms and christenings, comes in a stunning keepsake box with a white ribbon—a delightful addition to any toddler's Easter basket.
  • PRAY WITH ME BUNNY: This 7-inch tall bunny is perfect for my first Easter or as a toddler Easter basket addition. Made of soft plush fur, it features embroidered details, a pink rose accent, and praying hands. Simply press its belly, and it recites the prayer "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" in a sweet girl's voice. A delightful baptism gift and an adorable Easter gift for girls.
  • BOARD BOOK INCLUDED: Introducing "Everybunny Prays," a heartwarming board book for toddlers. Discover the joy of prayer and its connection to God through 16 captivating watercolor illustrations. Perfect for Easter celebrations and ideal as a baptism gift, this book is a wonderful addition to any toddler's Easter basket. Foster faith early with "Everybunny Prays" and make it a memorable My First Easter experience.

How to Choose Appropriate Gifts for Baptism?

If you still wonder what to give for a baptism gift, keep in mind several things. A perfect baptism gift has nothing to do with the budget. Moreover, it is a matter of thoughtfulness and personalization.

Your personalized gift should reflect how well you know the baby and the family. Adding a personal touch, maybe a name or baptism date will make the present even better.

Also, some people will appreciate practical baptism gifts – clothes, educational toys, and blankets. Ensure you know the baby’s size if you choose clothes and shoes.


Keepsake Box is by far the most interesting baptism present for me. I am sorry no one thought of it for my baby’s baptism. Another present I think is lovely for the occasion would be a baptism baby mobile!

What is your top pick? Why?

I hope you find this list of baby baptism present ideas useful and inspiring! If you have more ideas and recommendations, please share them in the comment section. Don’t forget to follow our blog and our Pinterest account @babyjourney0183 to overcome any baby-related challenge together!

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