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14 Inspiring Tips and Ideas for A Lovely Baby Baptism Photoshoot

Are you looking forward to your baby’s baptism, but the baptism photoshoot still bugs you? Here is all you need to know about baby baptism photography to get the most beautiful photos you’ll enjoy looking at in years to come!

Whether you hire a baptism photographer or take baptism pictures yourself, keep several things in mind. The light inside the church might not be perfect, the baby might not cooperate, guests will move, the water will splatter and the ceremony might not be as elegant as you thought.

Let’s go through the best tips and several ideas for baptism portraits, ceremony shots, and all the baptism photos you need!

14 Baby Baptism Photoshoot Ideas and Pro Tips For Best Results

Baby baptism photography is starting to get big in the wonderful world of photography. The following tips and ideas apply to both event photographers and proud parents!

#1 Must-Have Inside Church Christening Photos

There is no specific rule that says baptism has to be in church. The Biblical canon states that it should be a public place with water. Still, most parents pick a church, so having pictures inside the church is a must! However, to ensure your infant baptism photoshoot inside the church goes smoothly, talk with the priest before the ceremony.

Ask your priest about church rules about photographing and find out if particular christening pictures aren’t allowed to be taken in the house of God. For example, some churches don’t allow icons to be photographed. Therefore, you’ll have to take each picture of baptism so that it doesn’t show that specific icon.

Photo of a church’s interior, Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph - Baby baptism photoshoot, baptism photography - Baby Journey
The church’s interior is a must-have photo in your baby baptism photoshoot collection.

#2 Include Photoshooting Corner in Baptism Venue

Sure, candid photos are great, but having a photo shooting corner in the baptism venue will help you get the best baptism family photos! You can decorate the location for the baptism reception, including one wall for a Christian photography session. That way you’ll ensure each baptism pic has a perfect background! If those get out great, you don’t have to come up with many more baby baptism photography ideas.

I also recommend visiting the location before baptism day. It will help you get familiar with the space, the perfect angles, and the lighting, and you can take several test pictures.

#3 A Good Equipment is Half of The Work

Creativity is important almost as much as a suitable camera. Because lighting is expected to be low in church, keep that in mind when choosing a camera. For example, the Nikon Z6 II is a great choice for low-light photoshoots. However, include another one if you have an outdoor baptism photoshoot. In that case, keep in mind shutter and aperture settings to get the best moments outdoors.

Nikon Z 6II | Versatile full-frame mirrorless stills/video hybrid camera | Nikon USA Model
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#4 Bring Along a Backup Battery

There is nothing worse than your equipment failing you for the lack of battery! Therefore, be prepared. Most cameras now use rechargeable batteries, so buy another one to have on hand whenever you’re working.

The night before fully charge both batteries and bring a charger, too! The same applies to the additional memory card.

#5 Know The Event Agenda

Baptism ceremonies can be different, so always ask family and priests about details. It will help you know which moments you must capture, and you can set the camera in advance.

For example, if the baptism is performed by fully submerging the child in the water, parents take several minutes to dry the baby and change clothes. During that time, you can set the camera tripod for family portraits. If the priest only splatters a couple of water drops on the baby’s head, you won’t have that time. In that case, prepare the tripod in time.

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#6 Don’t Skip Formal Baptism Photography

When it comes to christening photoshoot ideas, formal photos are wonderful! You can take several pictures of the baby in the baptism gown, and include parents for traditional formal images.

Family members can take simple poses, or you can have everyone with the child in the center. Keep royal baptism photos when exploring conventional christening photography. It will help you get some classical baptism photo ideas. You can do the same for baby dedication photography.

#7 Play Around with Camera’s Settings

Camera exposure is extremely important for details. With a good setting, you will capture even drops of water on the baby’s head. On the other, different camera exposure might be better for capturing the atmosphere of the baptism reception.

#8 Go Creative with Interesting Angles and Perspectives

In most cases, the linear perspective is the easiest for photographing baptism. However, changing perspective and shooting angle can help you give additional context to your images.

For example, taking overhead photos with a wide-angle lens during the ceremony can present the subject as humble and correspond with Christian values.

On the other hand, a worm’s eye perspective makes the people in the shots look large and powerful, and you can keep that for the final ceremony moments. Different angles will help you bring everyone in and get details in the picture.

Baby baptism ceremony - Baptism photoshoot, baptism photography ideas - Baby Journey
You can take close-ups of the baby baptism ceremony itself.

#9 Take Baby Shots Before The Ceremony

You never know how babies might react to baptism. If the baby gets nervous during the ceremony, you might not get what you’ve wanted, even if you have the simplest baptism picture ideas.

Some kids get nervous around the priests and in the crowd, so I recommend taking several shots before the ceremony when the baby is well-rested and fed. Then, you have the best chances to capture those smiles.

#10 Capture Candid Moments

Not everything has to be staged. Sometimes, candid shots transfer the atmosphere better than anything else. Also, get shots of people while they arrive at the event, take photos of kids playing, and random moments. In addition, candid family photos from events are always a great source of a laugh!

Candid photo of a couple with their baby during baptism ceremony taken by JS Robertson photography - Baptism photography, Baptism photoshoot - Baby Journey
Candid shots are always a gem as they capture precious moments and moods that staged photos cannot replicate. Source: JS Robertson Photography

#11 Gender-Special and Themed Baptism Picture Ideas

Having a neutral baptism photoshoot is expected and seen so many times, but have you ever seen a pirate-themed baby boy baptism photoshoot? It might not be for everyone, but getting creative with themes will ensure you have unique, unexpected baptism photos.

For example, you can experiment with girl baptism photoshoot ideas, mix conventional themes with traditional christening symbols. Or stick with princesses and a white consistent color scheme.

If you have twins, you can try Hansel and Gretel themes, for example. Sweet little lamb, a baby elephant, all-white, baby Jesus, and twinkling stars are all exciting baptism themes.

Don’t invest too much money in props and decoration. A few items, a complementary baby outfit with several balloons, and a skilled photographer are all it takes to get outstanding pictures.

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#12 Invite the Priest to Join the Photoshoot

A priest who leads the ceremony is a big part of baptism. So, it will be nice to have him in photos and not only in ceremonial shots. Some priests might not be interested in photo session, but I am sure you can get even the grumpiest priest to be photographed.

He can hold the baby after the christening. If the priest doesn’t mind being in the picture, take a couple of shots with him included in formal portraits.

#13 Learn From the Best

When you lack creativity, it is always good to take a step back and look at the work of the best photographers. Religious photography can be tricky for some newbies because they want to capture everything, so they might fail to capture the event’s essence.

You can google respected Christian authors and get inspiration from their work. Don’t limit yourself to baptism shooting, any Christian photo might inspire you to try something new when photographing. Perhaps a new angle, new exposure setting, or different setup can make a difference. Also, you can schedule the portrait shooting at a time you believe will work best. Consider natural light, crows in the chosen location, weather, etc.

Also, learn from the best Christian photographers how to take photos of religious details and avoid getting cheezy images. For example, all of us have seen a photo of a family holding hands and a cross. Try something new and incorporate it into your photography style.

If you are an amateur, looking at professional baptism photos will help. For example, Katzie and Ben from Minnesota are great at taking interior church pictures.

#14 Don’t Forget Photos of the Reception Venue

Many parents decide to throw a reception after the baptism ceremony. They put so much effort into organizing a wonderful party, so it would be a real shame not to capture the venue in the pictures. With these images, you can give context and complete your story about baby baptism.

Once you print the photos and arrange them in a photo album, reception venue photos will blend in naturally. Snap a few decoration details and include photos of the baptism cake!

What Photos Are Important in Baptism?

Priest bathing the baby during baptism ceremony - Baptism photoshoot, baptism photography - Baby Journey
Set the camera to a faster shutter speed to capture every motion during the ceremony. Source:

Even if you don’t want a baptism photoshoot, there are still a few pics you have to take. Those include at least one picture of the ceremony, so you can show it to your baby when she grows older, and you start teaching about Christian values and ceremonies.

Also, don’t forget to take photos of your baby in the christening gown. Add close-up photos to the list. Some parents keep the gown, and others will be happy with a set of family photos.

Shots with godparents and closest friends and family that attend the event are also a must-have. You don’t have to go crazy with portraits, several individual shots and several group shots of all guests will be enough.

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Should You Get A Photographer for Baptism?

Baptism may be costly, if you decide on a ceremony with a crowded reception afterward. It can cost you as much as the smaller wedding, without several event-specific expenses. On the other hand, some may decide to organize intimate family baptisms without friends. Only grandparents and close family members may attend.

Whatever baptism you decide to have for your kid, I recommend hiring a professional photographer for a couple of hours. I believe it can contribute to every special occasion, including religious ones.

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Photo Quality

If you are a pro, the pictures will be significantly better than what you can achieve with your phone camera. Those are the photos you want to save, so save money on other things and pay a professional to get the best quality.

You Can Enjoy The Ceremony

Parents already have a role in baptism and enjoy the ceremony. I would hate to have to watch the baptisms of my kid through the camera lens. I feel that I could miss the ceremonial moments which I will later regret. Hiring a friend or family is no different.


Are you getting ready for your baby’s christening? Don’t forget to discuss do’s and don’ts with the priest, take solo shots and formal photos and consider themes!

Always ensure your cameras are ready, capture candid moments and solo photos. Plus, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration online.

If the mentioned tips seem like a lot to handle, give some money and hire a professional. You can forward the article to him and discuss the christening photography and tips to ensure you are on the same page.

Did you find this baptism photography guide useful? If you have questions or comments about baptism photography or baptism, please share them with me!

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