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Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review (2024)

The Eufy SpaceView is a non-WiFi video baby monitor that has been one of the popular choices among parents. If you have wondered about its performance for quite a while, this tell-all Eufy SpaceView Baby monitor review might be just the guide you need to understand the good and the bad of this baby monitoring device.

Let’s get right into demystifying all the tech-speak of this baby monitor.

Overview of the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor

In a nutshell, with this video baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your little one through a video feed displayed on a parental unit monitor. The camera transmits these images through FHSS technology which uses radio frequencies instead of wi-fi. It, therefore, allows you to breathe easy if you are wary of hackers.

Eufy SpaceView comes with everything you need to plug and play. - Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Eufy SpaceView comes with everything you need to plug and play. Source:

In the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor package, you will find:

  • 1 camera
  • 1 parental monitor unit
  • 2 AC adapters (for the camera and the monitor)
  • A wall mount

The Eufy brand specializes in smart home solutions. It is a subsidiary of Anker Innovations which is well-known for its phone accessories. Eufy is therefore not a novice in the tech scene. This is evidenced by some stand-out features in the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor like the customizable voice activation feature.


  • Quality product design
  • Sizeable monitor display
  • Good video clarity
  • Easy to safely install


  • The wall mount is only designed for corners
  • Limited range of only 460ft
  • Subpar night vision clarity

FAQs When Shopping For a Video Baby Monitor

A good baby monitor helps you keep an eye on your child remotely as you rest or handle other chores. That said, they offer different features and it is best to make a shortlist of what you hope for in a monitor. This will give you a general sense of what brands and models would work for you.

Here are some answers to common baby monitoring shopping FAQs.

Will a single-camera monitor cover as much of the room as a dual-camera monitor?

Dual cameras enable you to monitor more of the room without too much turning of the cameras. However, a baby monitor like the Eufy SpaceView that can pan to 330° and tilt 110° gives you an equally wide view of your baby’s room.

Is it possible to add more cameras to the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor?

Yes. The Eufy SpaceView offers expandability of up to 4 cameras and you can view all of them through one parental monitor. However, it does not offer split-screen viewing but the monitor display can be set to alternate between cameras at regular intervals.

You can pair up to four cameras with the Eufy Spaceview monitor. - Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
You can pair up to four cameras with the Eufy Spaceview monitor.

How does the Eufy SpaceView compare to alternative Wi-Fi baby monitors?

If you are concerned about the stability and or security of your Wi-Fi connection, I would suggest going for non-WiFi monitors like the Eufy SpaceView. It may not have app compatibility or as wide a signal range as wi-fi monitors but that may be a small price to pay for safety and consistent transmission.

However, some parents may have a better experience with the extra features that come exclusively with WiFi baby monitors like pulse and sleep data.

Can a non-WiFi baby monitor be hacked into?

FHSS technology, used in non-WiFi baby monitors, changes the radio frequencies during video transmission at very fast rates. As a result, even a skilled hacker would have a hard time infiltrating your baby monitor video feed.

Eufy Baby Monitor Review: Features & Benefits

For deeper insight into the Eufy SpaceView Monitor, let us explore some of its core features.

Video Display Quality

The video feed is displayed on a 5″ handheld monitor screen in 720p HD quality. The screen is wide enough to ensure that you can comfortably watch the feed without squinting.

I particularly appreciate this because it means you can place the monitor on a countertop and just go about your chores. Unlike smaller screens that you always have to pick up to get a proper look. Add to that the clear HD video quality and the Eufy SpaceView quickly starts to grow on you.

Talkback and Sound Quality

The talkback feature is designed to help you communicate with your toddler or for times when you need to soothe your baby like during sleep training. It is a great provision but most baby monitors often have poor sound quality which negates the whole purpose.

On the bright side, that is not the case with the Eufy SpaceView. Its sound transmission is crisp and suffers no delay. So much so that, on this feature, it outpaces high-end brands like the Summer Infant baby monitor or Motorola ones.

Night Light and Night Vision

While the video quality of the Eufy SpaceView is great in natural light, that seems to diminish in night vision mode. The clarity of the video feed is not as crisp and it may be difficult to make out colors with most dark shades sometimes appearing purple.

Further, if your child is sensitive to light while they sleep, the night light may be a problem for you. It is quite bright and has to be on as long as the camera is on.

Night monitoring is fundamental to your well-being because if you are anxious about your baby, it will likely disrupt your rest as well. The brand is, however, quite responsive to criticism and this is possibly something they might soon adjust.

Eufy SpaceView baby monitor monochrome night-vision display. - Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Eufy SpaceView baby monitor monochrome night-vision display. Source: Pinterest

Battery Life

In true Anker brand fashion, the Eufy SpaceView comes with a powerful 2900mAh rechargeable battery. It can last for up to 7 hours on ‘Always-on display’ mode and 17 hours on power-saving mode.

The difference between the two is that in power-saving mode, the screen goes off and after a while and only comes on when prompted by you or by voice-activation. In contrast, always-in display, the screen stays on at all times.

The battery life is undoubtedly remarkable but the most impressive part is that it is durable. Its quality does not diminish rapidly over time which is a challenge I have observed with many video baby monitors. Longer battery life also gives you more freedom especially during travel when you may not have a chance or remember to recharge as often.

Camera Angles

Camera angles determine how much of a room you can see. This is essential when you have toddlers who move around a lot or when you need to monitor other child safety issues.

Using buttons on the parental monitor unit, you can pan the camera to a radius of 330° and tilt it up and down to 110°. This is pretty much most of the room aside from a few degrees directly near the camera.

It would, nevertheless, be remiss to leave out the role of the wide-angle lens in this Eufy camera review. If the panning and tilting are not sufficient, the lens will certainly help enhance your view, just like another baby monitor model, the Summer Infant WideView. It comes in the package and can be attached and detached as needed.

Voice-activated Alert (VoX)

When the camera detects sounds from your child’s room, it prompts the monitor screen to come on. This is a feature you will find in most other video monitor brands but Eufy out a special touch in their implementation.

On the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor, you can set a threshold of noise that can trigger voice activation. The benefit of this is that your screen will not keep coming on at the slightest bit of sound in the room.

Alternatively, as opposed to the camera screen coming on, you could set a sound alert. The pinch is, it rings for a full 10 seconds which is a long time if you are trying not to wake the entire household. It is also pretty loud, somewhat like having an opera singer singing in your ear; this is great if you are a heavy sleeper but not so much if you enjoy calmer alerts.

White Noise and Lullaby Function

White noise and lullabies are pre-installed in the baby monitor to help lull your child to sleep. On this Eufy baby monitor, you can adjust the volume depending on how much your child can comfortably sleep through.

The challenge, however, is that the white noise will only play for half an hour. If your baby takes longer to drift off to sleep, you may have to manually restart it.


Range refers to how far the transmission signal from the camera can travel to reach the monitor. With this Eufy baby monitor, you would have to be within 460ft of the camera unit for proper transmission.

Compared to most video monitors in its range this is a rather limited provision. In an open unobstructed area though, the range spans much further to 1000ft.

Eufy SpaceViews's range gives you freedom around the home.  - Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor | Baby Journey
Eufy SpaceViews’s range gives you freedom around the home. Source:

Suitable Alternative Baby Monitors

Nothing beats the feeling of making a purchase that you are content with. To this end, it is worth comparing the Eufy SpaceView to options in the same range or those with similar features.

So, in your search for the best video baby monitor for your needs, you could consider alternatives such as:

Summer Infant Pixel Zoom

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Duo 5.0” Video Baby Monitor (2 Cameras) – High Definition Baby Monitor with Clearer, Nighttime Views, SleepZone Boundary Alerts and Remote Camera Steering

This is a non-WiFi video monitor with dual cameras. Like the Eufy SpaceView video baby monitor, it displays video in 720p HD on a handheld parental unit monitor.

It equally has VOX and remote camera angle adjustment. It does, however, offer some advanced features in comparison. They include:

  • 6 times zoom compared to Eufy’s 3 times zoom capabilities
  • HD night vision
  • Sleepzone Virtual Boundary that alerts you if your child crosses a set parameter
  • Movement detection and alert
  • 800 ft coverage range

Aside from price, the Summer Infant baby monitor and the Eufy SpaceView additionally differ in price. The first is priced at about $100 more than the latter. As such if you are shopping on a budget, Eufy might be a better option but if you need the extra features, check out the Summer Infant Pixel Zoom.

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Duo 5.0” Video Baby Monitor (2 Cameras) – High Definition Baby Monitor with Clearer, Nighttime Views, SleepZone Boundary Alerts and Remote Camera Steering
  • CLEARER NIGHTTIME VIEWS – Not just a baby monitor with camera, our HD Moonlite Night Vision Boost subtly illuminates the camera’s viewing area for a clearer, temporary, in-color view of baby in the dark. No more struggling to see your little one at night!
  • SET SAFE BOUNDARIES – Have an escape artist on your hands? With SleepZone Virtual Boundary, you can alleviate sleep time worries and set a boundary box around a selected area. You’ll be alerted on the video monitor when your child exits their safe space.
  • BETTER VIEW OF BABY – With two cameras, you can easily monitor two rooms. The remote camera steering lets you to view baby’s entire room. Plus, the 5” handheld monitor has temperature/time display, 6-level zoom, wall mount hardware & up to 800-ft range.

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 480p Video Baby Monitor, Non-WiFi Hack-Proof FHSS Connection, Interchangeable Lenses, Pan Tilt Zoom, LED Sound Bar, Night Vision, and Two-way Talk, low battery

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is perhaps the closest comparison there is to the Eufy SpaceView baby monitor. They both use FHSS technology, have a single camera, 4-camera expandability, and interchangeable lenses among other similarities. It would take a keen eye to decipher distinct features between them such as:

  • The Infant Optics DXR-8 can be used as an audio-only monitor
  • ×4 zoom compared to Eufy’s ×3
  • The Infant Optics DXR-8 has no VOX

Incidentally, there is also a very small margin between these two monitors. Your choice would thus boil down to a question of value.

I would say that the Eufy SpaceView offers more value considering the quality of its battery, video quality, and wide-angle lens that comes with the package whereas you would have to buy it separately with the Infant Optics monitor.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a closer look at the Infant Optics DXR-8 and see if it appeals to you.

Infant Optics DXR-8 480p Video Baby Monitor, Non-WiFi Hack-Proof FHSS Connection, Interchangeable Lenses, Pan Tilt Zoom, LED Sound Bar, Night Vision, and Two-way Talk, low battery
  • 2022 AWARD WINNER: Awarded "Best Baby Monitor Overall, 2022" by NBC News. The DXR-8 video baby monitor offers clear and reliable sound/video, long battery life, exceptional signal range and user-friendly controls — the dependable choice to help keep your baby safe and provide you with peace of mind.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES: Conveniently switch between different lenses to choose the perfect viewing angle. Use a zoom lens to get a closer look at your baby and a wide-angle lens (sold separately) to capture a broader view of the room. Keep a trustful eye on your children while they sleep or play using this kids' room camera.
  • OPERATES WITHOUT WIFI: Unlike wifi baby monitors for smartphones, there is no loading time to open apps, offering instant playback with lag-free video. With a dedicated monitor unit, no phones are necessary to view your baby, enabling parents to efficiently manage day-to-day tasks on their phone screen without compromising their baby's safety.

Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio

The Nanit Plus is a WiFi baby monitor that streams video feed right to your iOS or Android smart device. Like the Eufy SpaceView, it is a single-camera video monitor and also has a talkback feature, night vision, and temperature sensors.

Apart from the WiFi feature, it has other distinct features like:

  • Connectivity to an app that captures sleep data, breathing rate, video, and images of your baby.
  • Motion sensitivity and alerts
  • The camera can connect to 3 devices at the same time

These 2 monitors are two sides of different coins but comparing them would help you decide whether WiFi or non-WiFi monitors are best for you. In light of this, you could take a moment to learn more about the Nanit Plus before you make up your mind.

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio
  • ALWAYS BE CONNECTED: Get a crystal clear HD bird's eye view of your baby, day or night from anywhere on your iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show device. Hear or speak to your baby with two-way audio. Listen while using other apps or even when your screen is turned off with background audio. Receive real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity. Plus, monitor the temperature and humidity of the nursery to ensure they're comfortable.
  • SLEEP TRACKING & GUIDANCE: Nanit gives you your baby's sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel of their sleep, so you can rewatch their entire night in seconds. Get personalized, science-backed sleep guidance and tips from the world’s leading pediatric sleep experts, right in your Nanit app.
  • MAKING MEMORIES, MADE EASY: With Nanit Memories, your Nanit camera captures your baby’s finest moments automatically right in your app. Celebrate fun moments and growth milestones every step of the way, wherever you are. Share with friends and family, and hold onto their Memories forever.


Being able to look after your baby remotely gives you peace of mind and dexterity you would otherwise not have. The Eufy SpaceView may not be perfect, but its visual and sound clarity supported by a dependable battery life makes it, arguably, one of the best non-WiFi baby monitors in its price range.

If you would like to try it, you can find one here.

Hope you find our Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review informative! Don’t forget to share this article and leave your thoughts about this device – we’d love to hear from you!


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