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20 Fun Family Halloween Costumes with Your Baby for 2024

Halloween parties are going to be different this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but you can still make a family event to remember. Children won’t be bothered if the guestlist for this year’s party is short, they will appreciate the excitement about the costumes and sweets.

I have previously written about baby shower ideas but seeing Halloween is just around the corner, I have decided to put together this ideas list. If you need some best family Halloween costumes ideas for Halloween 2020, keep reading to find my top 20 picks. 

I plan to try some of the ideas on my daughter myself though! 

Family Halloween Costumes with Baby

Halloween is to let your creativity take the lead. I hope my compilation of family Halloween costumes will inspire you, and if there is more than one idea you want to try, you can always bookmark the post and keep it for the next year! 

Alright, let’s start!

1. Young Mandrake Baby is Just a Baby?

Harry Potter Family Halloween Costume 2020
If you don’t remember from the Harry Potter books, young mandrake plants cry so hard that students faint if they hear them without ear protection. Source:

Your baby is never too young to step into the Harry Potter world. The mandrake costume is an excellent choice if you and your partner are fans of the young wizard. All you need are ear muffs, a large basket, and a fluffy cap for your baby. 

Is your baby loud or was it just mine? 

2. The Winter is Coming

Game of Throne Halloween Family Cosplay
Mythical creatures, such as dragons, are always a suitable choice for a family Halloween costume. Source:

“Winter is coming” – it truly is in the last quarter of the year, and what better way to prepare for winter than dressing up as the characters from world-wide known TV show Game of Thrones? You can have your kids dressed up as tiny dragons while you and your spouse can be the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys and her lover, Jon Snow.

3. Hakuna Matata

Lion King Halloween 2020
Carpe the Halloween Diem, or simply Hakuna Matata this year’s Halloween! Source:

Is there a child that doesn’t love the Lion king? Why not dress up as the characters from the movie? Mufasa, Nala, Timba, or Simon, there are plenty of characters for the entire family. 

What is also great about this idea is that you can improvise with the makeup and hairstyles, to make your baby more…lion-like?

4. Jasmine, Aladdin, and Abu!

Disney Aladdin Halloween Costume
You can always rent the costumes for you and your partner and make Abu’s costume by yourself. Source:

Aladdin is one of the most romantic fairytales, it is fun, engaging, and makes a stunning family costume for Halloween. The Aladdin theme isn’t complicated to follow, as you can experiment with the things you have at home.

You can start as lovely Jasmine (this Jasmine costume is just too beautiful in my opinion), your husband can be Aladdin with this matching Aladdin costume set, and what character is left for the baby? Of course the charming Abu with a monkey costume get up!

5. Yummy costume, why not?

We already know babies and toddlers are sweet, so why not use it as an inspiration! Source:

You can find family costume ideas or order some matching costumes for your children on Etsy or make the costume by yourself. The Costume Caffe on Etsy makes this interesting costume pack, where one kid can be Adorable Milk, and the other can be Cute Cookie! You can also check out this cookie and milk costume set for toddlers on Amazon.

6. Bubble-Bath Goodness!

After the party is over, you have one step less in your nighttime routine! Source:

The bubble bath family is one of the most practical family costumes ideas you can find on my list. It isn’t hard to make, you can find the step-by-step tutorial at Studio DIY. You can also add on to the get up with existing baby bath toys.

7. Superheroes for a Day

Follow the steps and reveal your true identity as a superhero Busy Mom! Source:

Superhero costumes are very popular and you can buy them, rent them or learn how to make them! One of the best tutorials for the superhero family costume is available at the Damask Love website. There’s also these super cute bat bow glitter hair clips and bat wings set for accessories if you plan to have your little daughter dress up as Bat Girl.

8. Wakanda Forever

Marvel Blackpanther Halloween Costume
Dress up like the characters from the Black Panther movie. Source: Instagram

If you are a Marvel fan, you know what values are appreciated in Wakanda’s country. Family, integrity, honesty, courage are just some of them. You can begin teaching your baby about these values at an early age. Start by dressing up as if you were Wakanda citizens! 

9. May the Force be with you!

Star Wars Halloween Cosplay
Jedi, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader – there are plenty of characters for the whole family! Source:

This 2020, we need the force more than ever. Star Wars theme is great if you want to have cool family Halloween costumes. It doesn’t matter if your kids decide to play the good guy like Princess Leia or lean to the dark side as Darth Vader. Your spouse will also be happy with your choice, especially if he or she is a huge fan of this movie!

10. Bird-friendly Party

All family members can get wings, and the youngest one can be the cutest one – Flamingo! Source:

If you are dedicated to having matching costumes for this year’s Halloween, why not choose a bird family? It is one of those Halloween family costumes that allow you to be creative and authentic – tweet tweet!

11. Rapunzel and her Overprotective Daddy

Baby Rapunzel being “locked” in the tower. Source:

Rapunzel costume is exciting to make at home and if there is a way to include a parent (preferably a dad, because daughters are usually daddy’s girls hehe). The contest held at brought some excellent ideas, and you can use this image to get inspired for more family Halloween costume ideas.

12. How to Keep track on Latest Tech 101: Dress as a Robot!

Make your robot costumes from the boxes. Source:

Become a robot family! It is one of those easy family Halloween costumes that will never grow old. Plus, you can make it at home with boxes, paints, and have fun making it. You can find the complete tutorial on how to make your robot costumes on the Tell Love and Party Blog

13. Who’s the Bear and who’s Goldilocks?

Halloween Goldilocks and her three Bears! Source:

If you are up to a DIY family project, I recommend following the steps on the A Beautiful Mess blog. This is for those who are into advanced costume making as the costumes can be rather difficult to put together. One thing for sure though – you will get immense satisfaction when you finally watch the Goldilocks and the Bears appear upon project completion!

14. The Ultimate American Family

At least you already know who will wear Maggie’s costume! Source:

The Simpsons are members of so many families across the world. Why not bring them in from the TV screens and become Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie for this year’s Halloween? Bonus Halloween tip: You could even arrange a Simpson’s marathon afterwards!

15. Trial Mission: Leave the Planet

Futuristic costumes are an excellent choice for this year’s Halloween! Source:

If the coronavirus pandemic continues, people might really start thinking about leaving the Earth. Perhaps you could do a test run by trying on the aliens/astronaut costumes just to see how it feels?

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16. Enjoy Your Coffee (until It Grows Up!)

You get to decide who dresses up as Pumpkin Spice Latte, Hot Chocolate or Vanilla Latte. Source:

If you cut your visits to the local Starbucks because of the pandemic, revisit your cup of Joe routines by becoming a Starbucks coffee family for Halloween! You and your partner can be kind workers with the signature green aprons, and your children can become coffee for a day.

17. Make Way for Movie Night!

A baby’s first movie night! Source:

Having a baby means that you have less time for movie nights, but more time for love and fun! You and your partner can dress up as theatre workers, and your baby can be a bag full of popcorns.

18. The Everlasting Flintstone Family

Caveboy is one of the most fun costumes to make! Source:

The Flintstone family costume for Halloween is another idea form the content on Fred’s and Wilma’s clothes aren’t complex to make, and the baby will enjoy having a cute bone accessory in her hair!

19. An Idea for a Big Family: Go Dalmatian!

You don’t need 102 people in your family though to dress up as Dalmatians! Source:

If you are blessed with a large family and you always struggle what matching family costumes to choose for a Halloween, here is my solution – Time to be the Dalmatians!

20. Spaghetti or Ravioli?

Pro tip: Resist the temptation to use real spaghetti. Instead, you can make the spaghetti costume from your old white-shirt! Source:

Yes, you can eat pasta on Halloween, but it’s even more fun to dress up as Pasta itself! Well, you can be a chef and your baby can be the Pasta (because you made the baby anyway). That said, would you like some spaghetti? Or maybe ravioli?

Halloween Costumes Made Fun and Funny!

Whichever family costume you choose to wear on Halloween, don’t forget to have fun! Don’t get too hard on yourself if you aren’t skilled in sewing costumes – sometimes, improvised costumes make the best costumes!

Which family Halloween costume with baby will you try? If you know some other moms (or dads) who are busy and cannot think of anything else to dress up for this year’s Halloween, send them a link to my list, they will definitely appreciate the help!

family halloween costumes

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