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15 Favorite Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething is an inevitable part of childhood. From around six months babies start teething and it will carry on through toddlerhood. A natural teething remedy or two is a must-have for parents who want to provide soothing relief.

A home remedy usually doesn’t require any harmful medication and is generally a safer, more kid-friendly way to relieve teething pain. If you’re on the hunt for natural home remedies for teething, read on!

We will share some of our favorite best home remedies for teething babies with you and cover a few safety tips. Hopefully, your child will be back to their happy, smiling self in no time!

Teething Signs & Symptoms

Before we get into teething remedies let’s talk a little bit about how to tell if your child is teething and why you may want to seek out natural teething pain relief.

Teething usually starts around six months of age. Teething will continue to affect your child off and on until they’re almost three.

Common signs that your child may be teething include:

  • Swelling of the gums
  • Drooling
  • Painful or red gums
  • Frequent chewing or biting (on hands, toys, etc.)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Irritability
  • Rash around their mouth
  • Possibly a mild temperature
  • Sometimes tugging at the ears

If these symptoms are concerning, call your pediatrician. However, if you suspect it is just due to general teething, you may want to try out a teething remedy for babies that you can do at home. Home remedies for teething pain can be efficient, affordable, and easy!

15 Best Home Remedies for Teething Babies

#1 Ice Is Cooling and Soothing

Ice | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: coolmomeats.com

When we are hurt or in pain, many of us turn to ice. Ice is probably the most natural of all the natural teething remedies. Ice can obviously help numb, cool, and soothe your child’s gums but you need to be cautious about how you give it to them!

Frozen teething toys are ideal for younger babies. Older toddlers and children may prefer a popsicle or even small pieces of crushed ice to munch on. Be sure to follow proper feeding guidelines for your little one to minimize the risk of choking when using this home remedy for a teething baby.

 #2 Pressure Can Relieve Pain

Pressure | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: nobledentalcare.com

Counter-pressure may help relieve your child’s teething pain and is one of the easiest and best teething remedies. All you need is your washed, clean finger! You can also use a moistened gauze pad and your finger if you desire. Simply rub your little one’s gums gently but firmly.

They may bite down for relief too which is fine as long as they don’t already have erupted teeth! This is one of the most ideal natural teething solutions for when you’re on the go and dealing with teeth pain.

#3 Nursing May Offer Comfort

Nursing | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
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Many children may have a decreased appetite when teething. So you may be wondering how breastfeeding can be one of the best natural remedies for teething. Well, nursing is extremely comforting to children.

While other natural remedies for baby teething pain may remove symptoms, nursing may not take away their teething pain but it can help soothe and comfort them. Just be careful, out of all the home teething remedies, this one poses the biggest risk of suffering a painful bite from your baby!

#4 Chamomile Can Be Comforting

Chamomile | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: momtricks.com

Have you heard of chamomile for teething? This herbal teething remedy can be used in a couple of different ways. Chamomile is soothing and has a calming effect and has been used for centuries, which is why it’s one of the most old fashioned teething remedies.

Some recommendations are using caffeine-free pure chamomile to make tea. You can then dip your finger in it and rub it on your baby’s gums, give them cooled tea on a spoon, or freeze the tea into cubes and put it in a mesh feeder.

You could also put chamomile oil in a diffuser. Chamomile can have a sedative effect so be careful about how much you give your child and run this remedy by your pediatrician first if you are concerned.

#5 Amber May Give Relief (with Caution!)

Amber | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: pinterest.com

One of the most popular all natural teething remedies is baltic amber in the form of amber teething necklaces. Baltic amber hasn’t been scientifically proven to relieve teething pain or help with anything else for that matter, but some parents swear by it.

If you choose to use this particular teething method instead of other organic teething remedies, exercise caution, the risks of choking and strangulation are very real.

#6 Teething Toys Can Take Away Pain

Teething Toys | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
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What’s good for teething babies? Sometimes a simple teething toy! Wooden or silicone teething toys, frozen teething toys, and even teething mittens can provide a firm surface to bite down on.

All this biting can help apply counter pressure, relieving pain and possibly bringing the tooth through the gums faster.

#7 Clove Can Numb Irritation

Clove oil is a quick and easy choice if you’re looking for homemade teething remedies. Clove is known for its numbing properties and some parents compare it to benzocaine. It is also a natural anesthetic.

Clove is available as an essential oil, but you want to be sure that it is organic and safe. Some individuals may also choose to make their own clove oil at home. If you want to try clove oil you may want to run it by your pediatrician first. They can tell you how to dilute it, patch test for allergies, and apply it safely.

#8 Hard Foods Can Ease Discomfort

Hard Food | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: yummytoddlerfood.com

Did you know hard foods are one option of home remedies for teething toddlers? Much like a teething toy, hard foods can help relieve pain, and release pressure by helping to erupt the tooth.

Popular choices for hard foods are things like carrots or cucumbers. You can peel and chill them and then cut them into sticks. Don’t forget to follow proper feeding guidelines for your child’s age and constantly supervise them to reduce the risk of choking.

#9 Reduce Inflammation with Diet

Diet | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
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Some parents believe the best natural teething relief for babies is to take a holistic approach. Reducing inflammation all over the body, including the mouth and gums may help with irritation. You can reduce inflammation by including certain foods in your child’s diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants can help. Removing processed sugars and flours and even cutting back on dairy may reduce inflammation.

#10 Boost Immunity To Decrease Discomfort

Boost Immunity | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: everydayhealth.com

Much like reducing inflammation, boosting your child’s immunity is one of the homeopathic teething remedies that considers the whole child and not just particular symptoms.

The thought is that if you keep your little one’s immune system healthy they may have fewer respiratory issues, runny noses, and fevers associated with teething. Immunity boosters include Vitamin C from citrus fruits, Vitamin D in supplement form, probiotics from yogurt or kefir, and antibodies from breast milk.

#11 Dry the Drool To Soothe Irritation

Dry the Drool | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: pinterest.com

Many baby teething remedies focus on tooth and gum pain, but drool can also cause a rash and irritation. This is especially true if the drool sits on their chin or chest.

Try to keep a dry, clean cloth with you and wipe the drool gently away as often as you can. Applying a water-based cream or lotion can help create a barrier and moisturize the area.

#12 Homemade Teething Cookies are Comforting

Homemade Teething Cookies | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: mamanatural.com

One of the tastiest teething remedies for molars is teething cookies. You can find these hard cookies in stores. Better yet, you can just as easily make your own!

We love this recipe from mamanatural. They’re simple to make and healthier than most store-bought versions. These are great for molar pain as they’re ideal for older toddlers who are comfortable with solids and less likely to choke.

#13 Gripe Water May Relieve Symptoms

Gripe Water | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: whattoexpect.com

Teething may not come up first on the list of uses for Gripe Water, but it is indeed an option for baby teething solutions. This is because it has soothing ingredients like chamomile and ginger that can relieve colic and gas but also help with oral pain and inflammation.

Check the label though! You want a product that is alcohol and sucrose-free.

#14 Frozen Washcloths Can Cool Painful Gums

Frozen Washcloths | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: babyplayhacks.com

One of our final diy teething remedies is as simple as a frozen washcloth. Wet a washcloth, place it in a Ziploc, and then freeze it. Your child can safely chew on it without fear of them choking.

As they chew the washcloth will provide counter pressure and cooling relief to their gums. It will also gradually soften; then you can wash it and reuse it! It’s an effortless trick that is eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

#15 An Over-the-Counter Product May Help

Over-the-counter Product | Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey
Image source: madeformums.com

Finally, sometimes you may want to turn to over-the-counter products like acetaminophen or ibuprofen depending on your child’s age.

While you don’t want to give medication frequently, it can help when your child’s teething symptoms are particularly painful and keep them from sleeping. Always check with your doctor for the proper use and dosing instructions and only use the medications when absolutely necessary.

Precautions on Some Natural Teething Remedies

While you can find parents who swear by every one of the remedies we mentioned, that doesn’t mean that all these remedies are equally safe or beneficial. Some remedies may work better than others for your child and your family.

Additionally, some of these solutions come with risks. For example, baltic amber teething necklaces should be used with extreme caution as they may pose a choking and/or strangulation hazard. Hard foods and ice should also be used under direct supervision and only with children who are old enough to consume such things.

In general, it is best to run any home teething remedy by your doctor first before you attempt it at home.


Is it OK to rub whiskey on baby’s gums?

It is not okay to rub whiskey or any other form of alcohol on your child’s gums. While this may have been a traditional form of teething relief, we now know that it is no longer safe. Similarly, people used to use vanilla extract for teething because of its alcohol content. There is no evidence that vanilla is safe or effective against teething.

Does honey help with teething?

Honey may temporarily distract your child from their pain due to its sweetness but it won’t relieve pain or discomfort. Furthermore, children under one year of age should not consume raw honey because of the risk of botulism.

Can I give my baby a carrot for teething?

Hard foods, like chilled carrot sticks, can be great for teething. Just be sure your child is old enough to consume these tough solids safely and that you constantly monitor them while eating.

Can you use Gripe water for teething?

You can try Gripe Water for teething! Though it is commonly used for colic, its soothing ingredients like chamomile may offer some tooth pain relief.

Say Ta-Ta To Teething Pain

If your child is teething, hang in there; symptoms won’t last forever!

Hopefully, you were able to find a useful home remedy on this list and enjoyed reading. If you have useful home teething remedies, ideas, or recipes you’ve made for your baby we would love you to share them on Pinterest at @babyjourney0183.

Home Remedies for Teething | Baby Journey

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