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How To Prevent Stroller Theft At Disney Theme Parks

How to prevent stroller theft at Disney is something no parent planning their vacation wants to think about. Unfortunately, stroller theft Disney does occur. If your stroller gets stolen, you can not only be stuck carrying your child but missing many of your valuables and baby necessities.

Thankfully, there are ways you can keep your stroller safe. And, to set the record straight, the myth about tying a dirty diaper to your handlebar to keep thieves away doesn’t not prevent theft. It will only get you weird looks as to why you didn’t use one of the many trash cans.

If you’ve finally found the best stroller for Disney, this article will help you learn how to prevent mistaken stroller identity and theft. These helpful tips can come in handy whether you’re planning your vacation or at the park already, so don’t miss out!

How To Prevent Stroller Theft at Disney Theme Parks?

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Have a magical vacation at any Disney resort by protecting your stroller.

At many theme parks, including Walt Disney World, strollers often aren’t allowed inside the attraction itself. This means you’ll have to leave them in the stroller parking lot outside the entrance. Sadly, doing so can lead to stroller theft.

Sometimes it is unintentional, such as when your stroller gets mistaken for another’s. Other times, it is on purpose so that the person can steal valuables. You can prevent both types of stolen stroller circumstances with these helpful tips!

Use Stroller Locks

Did you know that you can purchase a stroller wheel lock to secure your stroller in the Disney stroller parking area? Unlike a bike lock that chains your bike to a rack, a stroller lock prevents the back wheels from turning. Composed of a cable that is slipped through both the rear wheels and secured to a lock, they’ll prevent someone from simply walking away with your stroller.

However, if need be, a staff member could still lift your stroller and move it within the theme park stroller parking area. Remember, you don’t want to lock your stroller to a bench or tree because a staff member will often cut the cable as it isn’t allowed.

If you want to lock your bags to your pushchair, you can also purchase smaller cable locks that lock purse-like items, like diaper bags, to the stroller itself.

Remember To Take a Picture of Your Stroller

Sometimes a case of a stolen baby stroller can actually be a case of mistaken identity. Preventing stroller theft can be accomplished by taking a picture of your stroller will help you to remember what yours looks like compared to everyone else in the lot to help you on how to find your stroller at Disney.

It can be especially helpful for a rented stroller that you aren’t familiar with. If everyone takes a picture of their stroller to verify it actually belongs to them, there would likely be a lot fewer complaints of someone taking the wrong stroller.

Additionally, should your stroller get stolen, you’ll have a picture to show staff and security exactly what it looks like.

Personalize Your Stroller

There are only so many different stroller models in the world. Which means someone is bound to have an identical one. Furthermore, if you rent from a stroller company like World Strollers, there will definitely be lookalikes.

Personalizing your stroller can be a great way to help you (and other people) tell it apart from the other pushcarts. You can use ribbons, stickers, or tags for simple, removable stroller personalization.

Alternatively, you can sometimes purchase personalization when you buy the stroller, such as choosing unique fabrics or having it embroidered.

Invest In a Tracking Device

You can find small tracking devices for almost anything these days, from purses and strollers to vehicles. An attachable tracker like this one is easily secured to your stroller or bag. Then, you can use the app on your phone to monitor where the tracker goes.

With a tracker, when you have to leave your stroller unattended, you can keep tabs on whether or not it remains where you left it. Unless the thief is wise and removes the tracker, you’ll be able to locate your belongings almost anywhere in the theme park.

This is much safer and easier than using the faux, dirty diaper tied to the handlebar, which doesn’t really deter stroller thefts.

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Use Stroller Tags

Stroller tags are popular additions to strollers inside Disney World. They’re a fun and cute way to completely customize your stroller. You can choose from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and fabric.

Often, the tag will have a fun Disney character or theme along with a few words of your choosing. Placing a Disney stroller tag right on the handle will help you easily spot your stroller and quickly let others know that it doesn’t belong to them.

Keep Valuables With You

If you don’t want to risk having your keys, wallet, and other personal items stolen, it can be better just to keep them with you. Though strollers are allowed inside Disney, they can’t go inside all the attractions.

When you leave them outside in stroller parking, they’ll be unattended. This can make them prime targets for theft, especially because it’s easier to grab a bag or purse from a stroller than take the entire cart.

Regardless whether you have the best stroller for the trip, you probably won’t be able to completely hide your valuables within it. If you have a purse or fannypack, taking the most important things, such as cash or your identification and car keys, can be a much better idea than leaving it with your stroller.

Sew On a Label

Sewing on a stroller label can be useful in all types of situations, from Disney World to your neighborhood park. You can effortlessly find embroidered labels online, which you can have customized with your name, certain colors, or almost anything else.

It can be a great idea to include your return address if you feel comfortable. This way, if your stroller is taken by mistake or located after it has been stolen, it can be returned to you. Then, when you receive your order, just sew it on.

You can sew it onto the seat back, the canopy, or the seat itself. Generally, you’ll want to place it somewhere visible.

However, make sure it is an area that doesn’t see too much regular use, as routinely brushing up against it or folding it could make it wear out quicker. A nice, visible label will help you easily locate your stroller and prevent someone else from taking it.

Rent a Stroller Instead

Don’t want to risk losing your expensive strollers or perhaps the best double stroller you’ve ever had? We don’t blame you! Leave your stroller at home and rent a stroller instead. If the rental gets stolen, you won’t be so upset about losing your favorite stroller; that likely cost a fair amount. You’ll still have your trusted pushchair to return home to.

Stroller rentals at Disney are fairly common and pretty straightforward. Though it is an extra fee when you visit the park, it is usually well worth it. Just don’t forget to still follow these other tips, such as taking a picture of your stroller, using a tag, and keeping all of your valuables on your person.

What To Do If Your Stroller Is Stolen At Disney

Before you panic, know that sometimes park staff will have to move your strollers. To fit everyone in the parking area, they often rearrange them. Take a good look around the entire area to be sure you don’t see yours. If your stroller is actually stolen, follow these steps.

  • Tell a Disney park employee. If you took a picture of your stroller, now is the time to use it. Tell the staff member as many discerning things as possible that would set your stroller apart from everyone else. Generally, a security team member will come to make a report.
  • Tell the rental company. If it was a rental, you’ll need to alert the company. Depending on your agreement, they may quickly provide you with a replacement.
  • Check your trip insurance. On occasion, trip insurance may cover the cost of a stolen stroller. It doesn’t hurt to call and check with your insurance company.

Happy Strolling!

You don’t need to panic about taking your stroller to Disney. Disney stroller theft usually isn’t an everyday occurrence in theme parks. Occasionally, valuables or a stroller will get taken, and the story will appear on the news or social media.

However, if you take proper precautions with your stroller and personal items, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Hopefully, you found this article useful for your next family trip to the happiest place on Earth!

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