Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review (2024): Affordable Tech for Modern Parents, but Is It A Good Baby Monitor?

Being a parent in the modern era comes with many challenges, but technology makes things easier for the parents. Let’s see if and how Nest Cam works as a good baby monitor (we’re talking about Google Nest Indoor Camera).

Overall, it seems well-built and is easy to set and use. The camera has high-quality video, motion and sound detecting sensors, night vision, talk-back function, and more. Nest Cam is similar to leading baby monitors on the market, such as the cool Nanit Plus, the bunny-eared Arlo Baby monitor, and the cute Lollipop baby camera.

So, my Nest Cam Baby Monitor review will help you to determine if this piece of sleek high tech is good for your baby.

An Overview of Google Nest Cam Indoor Camera

Google Nest Cam Indoor - 1st Generation - Wired Indoor Camera - Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts - Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision

The Nest Cam device streams video (and sound) to your smartphone and tablet, and you can access it from your phone anytime, anywhere.

However, Nest lacks one important feature to be classified as a baby monitor. You can only stream the video when you use the app. So, when other apps on your smartphone push the Nest app into the background, you might not receive alerts.

It may send you an alert that something is happening, but don’t expect it to tell you what caused it. In simple words, when you don’t use the app, the Nest doesn’t make a difference between the baby crying and the loud noise coming from the outside.

So, while the app proves to be solid and easy to use, the Nest device is a reliable baby monitor only while you use the app.

Here’s a preview of what is good about this Nest Cam, and which elements can be fixed in the future.


  • Exceptional video quality
  • Easy to use and install
  • Works with other Nest Cameras
  • Affordable price tag


  • You might not get notifications if the app works in the background
  • Poor options without a subscription plan
  • When you use the talk-back function, you won’t be able to hear your baby
  • The app turns on slowly

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review: Commonly Asked Questions

The Nest indoor camera has convenient features, but you might have a few doubts before you start using it as a baby monitor. Let’s address some common questions before you buy it.

Is Nest Cam good as a baby monitor?

Nest Cam allows you to monitor your baby in real time, talk back to the baby and check up on the baby during the night. Therefore, it comes with convenient features for a baby monitoring device.

However, the Nest device isn’t smart and cannot make a difference between sounds and movements your baby makes and other loud sounds that might come from the street.

Can I use a Nest Camera without a subscription?

Yes, you can. It will still allow you to live-stream the video from the nursery, but it won’t keep snapshots for more than three hours. Therefore, if something unusual happens during the night, you won’t see images in the morning. The Nest Cam comes with a 30-day subscription trial period.

Does Nest Cam record without a subscription?

No, the Nest Cam only takes snapshots without the subscription plan. While subscription plans allow you to record and store images and videos for 30 or 60 days, the free plan only stores snapshots for three hours.

Can the Nest Camera be hacked?

The Nest Camera connects to WiFi and is prone to hacking. However, Nest enables two-factor authentication to enhance protection. Moreover, there are things you can do for yourself to make the camera more secure. For example, improve your router security by changing default credentials and updating the firmware.

Does the Nest Camera work without WiFi?

The camera from Nest works only with WiFi. Therefore, when your WiFi is off, the camera doesn’t record the video, and you cannot access past videos. In simple words, the Nest Camera works only in conjunction with the app.

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review: Features & Benefits

Now, let’s break things down about the most interesting features of the Nest Cam. I will cover all elements of the Nest Cam – from mounting through features and video quality to app and camera and data security.

Setup & Mounting

Nest Cam is easy to set up, and it only takes a minute or so. Plug a Nest Cam into the outlet, turn it up, and download the app. It will guide you throughout the process, and several seconds after, the camera is ready for use.

You will hardly find something as simple as that on the market.

Moreover, it comes with a removable wall mounting plate, which allows you to mount it anywhere you want. You put the camera on the ceiling and zoom the crib.

Therefore, using a Nest Cam as baby monitor is simple in terms of finding an appropriate location to place the monitor. Anywhere is good for the Nest baby monitor.

Watch the video on how to mount the Nest Cam on the wall:

Sound Quality

Because the Nest Camera is designed as a home surveillance system, the sound quality isn’t the main focus. It doesn’t separate white noise from human-made sounds. Moreover, the sound isn’t very clear.

However, the Nest Cam monitor allows a talk-back function, which means that it can transfer the sound from the app to the camera. In that case, the sound clarity is also average, and while you talk, the app blocks the sounds from the nursery.

Video Clarity

Nest Cam delivers exceptional video quality! - Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Nest Cam delivers exceptional video quality! Source: Babygearlab

On the other hand, Nest Cam is one of the market leaders in terms of video quality. It delivers the 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, which is clear enough so you can see the pattern on the baby clothes.

Moreover, the colors are bright and realistic.

When you zoom the video, the quality deteriorates, and the image can get pixelated. Still, it is quite clear. It is great because you can zoom the video and search for the missing pacifier or baby sock around the blanket.


The range of the Nest Camera is infinite, it transfers the video and notifications to your phone as long as both of the devices have a stable internet connection. Therefore, you can be anywhere in the world and live stream video from the nursery.

You can use an Ethernet cable or WiFi.

Night Vision

Google Nest baby monitor serves as a great night vision baby monitor as its night vision feature is of exceptional quality and far better than seen in the other baby monitors. It is great because you easily spot if the baby has moved too close to the railing or your baby’s favorite toy is on the wrong end of the crib.

The Nest baby camera has a 20 feet range in the dark.

The video is easy to zoom on the night vision as well. - Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
The video is easy to zoom on the night vision as well. Source:

Baby Monitor App, Alerts & Subscription

To use the Nest Camera as baby monitor, you need to download the Nest app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

The app itself is easy to navigate through and intuitive. It allows you to set up push notifications when the camera detects unusual behavior in the nursery, so you can check the app and see if everything is in order via live stream.

As I mentioned before, using Nest Cam as baby monitor comes with alert drawbacks. You might not be alerted when you are on the call, or some other app is working at the moment.

However, if you have an older device, you can use it specifically for the Nest app, which will overcome this drawback. But, don’t forget to change the device settings and forbid the phone or tablet to turn the screen off after inactive time.

While some features of the Nest monitor are available on a free subscription plan, you will experience the full benefits of it with paid plans.

Nest offers two plans for $6 and $12 per month. A cheaper plan allows you to access the recorded videos and images from 30 days before. Further, you can share the videos with your family, start an emergency call from the app, and receive intelligent alerts.

A $12-plan enables 60 days of event video history and ten days of 24/7 continuous recording. It might be a useless feature if you plan to use Nest Cam for baby monitoring because no one would leave a baby unattended for not even two hours, let alone for several days.

Consider going for paid plans on the Nest app to enjoy full benefits of the app. - Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Consider going for paid plans on the Nest app to enjoy full benefits of the app. Source:

Multi-Camera Support

Nest makes indoor and outdoor cameras, which are great for home security. Therefore, if you already own Nest outdoor or indoor cam, you purchase an additional one and use it as a baby monitor for watching over twins or multiple room monitoring.

The app allows you to manually set the video quality for each camera to prevent overloading the internet bandwidth. However, monthly subscription costs increase if you own more than one Nest Camera.

If you get more Nest Cameras, you can build a personal <a href=home security system. – Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey” class=”wp-image-9473″/>
If you get more Nest Cameras, you can build a personal home security system. Source: Google Support

Data security

Nest stores your data using cloud services and asks for your permission before doing anything with your personal information. The software has multiple security levels – HTTPS and Transport Layer Security to ensure that intruders cannot access your data.

Additionally, Nest enables a two-factor verification system. It prevents anyone from logging into your Nest app without your permission. It is a nifty feature because it puts you into control of who can use the app and watch your baby.

Power source

Nest Cam plugs into a standard household electrical outlet and doesn’t use batteries. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about charging and battery levels dropping. The cable that comes with the cam is ten feet, which is more than enough for any room.

Some Perks about the Google Nest Cam

If you decide to pay the subscription and use the Nest Cam baby monitor, you might enjoy advanced features.

For example, paid subscription plans allow you to set up activity zones and get alerted only when a change happens in the zone. It is a useful way to improve the Nest Cam and use it for baby monitoring.

Further, paid subscription plans allow you to customize intelligent alerts. That way, you can be notified when the Nest Cam captures the familiar face. It is quite useful because the app will let you know when your partner is with the baby. So, you don’t have to leave everything and run into the nursery!

Moreover, the Nest indoor cam comes with all you need for proper function and mounting. It comes with a stand, wall-mounting plate, specific screws, power cable and AC adapter, and welcome guides.

The Nest Cam is also compatible with Google Alexa.

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review: Alternatives

If the Nest Cam doesn’t sound appealing, let me help you on choosing baby monitors by offering you similar devices.

#1 Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby Monitor | Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Table/Wall Stand | 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Compatible with Alexa, HomeKit | ABK1000, White

Arlo Baby monitor comes within a similar price range and same video quality. It is also a WiFi monitor, and your phone becomes a parenting device. Arlo Baby has similar features to Nest Cam, such as talk-back function, night vision, and straightforward use.

Still, Arlo baby comes equipped with air quality sensors, a lullabies list, and has smart alerts that are better in detecting activity in the nursery than Nest Cam.

Similarities and differences:

  • Both are WiFi cameras that connect to your phone
  • Nest Cam has better night vision, while Arlo Baby offers better sound quality
  • Arlo Baby can work without WiFi as a traditional baby monitor
  • Arlo Baby is wireless, so you have to keep track of the battery level

If this monitor sounds good to you, take a closer look by reading our Arlo Baby review!

Arlo Baby Monitor | Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Table/Wall Stand | 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Compatible with Alexa, HomeKit | ABK1000, White
  • High definition video - Watch your baby in clear 1080p HD video.
  • Night vision - See your baby’s every move, even in the dark.
  • 2-way talk - Listen in & talk to your baby, straight from your smartphone.

#2 Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio

If you want to take a step further in utilizing technology for parenting, then a Nanit Plus can be great for you. Similar to Nest Cam, Nanit Plus comes without a separate parenting device and enables multiple features via the app.

However, what separates it from Nest Cam is the ability to send you notifications even when your phone is asleep in real-time. Additionally, it features sleep tracking and built-in night light. It also has humidity and temperature sensors, but Nest Cam has better video quality.

Therefore, it seems like a more reliable smart video baby monitor, but it comes with a higher price tag. You can purchase the Nanit Plus without a sleep tracking function, at a lower price tag as well.

Similarities and differences:

  • Nest Cam has better video
  • Nanit Plus is available with the sleep tracking option
  • Nest Cam is more affordable and can be used with multiple Nest Cameras as part of a whole-house surveillance system
  • Nanit plus has more features when used without a subscription plan

You can also check our Nanit vs Nanit Plus monitor review to learn more.

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio
  • ALWAYS BE CONNECTED: Get a crystal clear HD bird's eye view of your baby, day or night from anywhere on your iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show device. Hear or speak to your baby with two-way audio. Listen while using other apps or even when your screen is turned off with background audio. Receive real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity. Plus, monitor the temperature and humidity of the nursery to ensure they're comfortable.
  • SLEEP TRACKING & GUIDANCE: Nanit gives you your baby's sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel of their sleep, so you can rewatch their entire night in seconds. Get personalized, science-backed sleep guidance and tips from the world’s leading pediatric sleep experts, right in your Nanit app.
  • MAKING MEMORIES, MADE EASY: With Nanit Memories, your Nanit camera captures your baby’s finest moments automatically right in your app. Celebrate fun moments and growth milestones every step of the way, wherever you are. Share with friends and family, and hold onto their Memories forever.

#3 Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - Full-Featured Smart Wi-Fi Camera of True Crying Detection with Extra in-App Plan of Breathing Monitoring/Sleep Tracking-Accessories Free/7 Days Trial Period

The last alternative to Nest Cam that has the best crying sensors in this category is the Lollipop Baby monitor. It has an outstanding crying detection rate, so there are significantly fewer false notifications triggered by other noise.

A Lollipop baby monitor is even easier to mount than Nest Cam due to the bendable leg you can wrap around the crib leg.

The initial costs of the Lollipop baby monitor might be lower compared to Nest Cam. However, if you want to use additional features, such as sleep tracking and continuous video recording, you will have to choose a more expensive subscription plan.

Similarities and Features:

  • Both have a built-in speaker for talking back to your child
  • Both are easy to mount
  • Nest Cam has a less expensive subscription plan
  • Lollipop has a sleep tracking feature as part of a subscription plan
  • Both can be connected with several cameras
  • Intelligent alerts are available in Lollipop free subscription plan, while you have to choose a subscription plan to get them from your Nest Cam

Find out more about the device from our Lollipop baby monitor review!

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - Full-Featured Smart Wi-Fi Camera of True Crying Detection with Extra in-App Plan of Breathing Monitoring/Sleep Tracking-Accessories Free/7 Days Trial Period
  • ★【Lollipop Care Subscription Plan with 7-Days Free Trial】【Contactless Breathing Monitoring and Sleep Track】No extra wearable sensor required. Monitoring your baby’s breathing by AI technology and you’ll be able to view your baby’s respiratory rate and sleeping position history.
  • ★【Forever-Free Plan】【Live View & Sharing Video】With 1080p Full HD quality, checking on baby by look at the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere you are. You may also invite family to take a peek at your baby. Or send a link of a pre-recorded video of a specific event.
  • ★【Forever-Free Plan】【Downloadable Triggered-Event Video】All 30s cute and treasured triggered-event video downloadable (7-Days Preserved)


Nest Cam is a modern home and intuitive camera, best used with other cameras as part of a home surveillance system. It might not be the best choice for a newborn because it doesn’t alert you on time, or it doesn’t alert you at all when your smartphone has its screen off.

However, it has exceptional video quality, so I recommend it as a toddler monitor. You can communicate with your child easily through a built-in speaker and occasionally check on him or her. Once your sweet toddler grows up, you can use the camera as a surveillance camera.

Check the Nest Cam baby monitor if this baby monitor sounds like your thing!

Have something to share about this device? Let us know in the comments below!

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey

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