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Lovely Songs to Sing To Baby That Aren’t Lullabies

Are you looking for songs to sing to baby during playtime, before reading, or just for fun? Let me introduce you to the list of best baby songs you will love singing!

Most parents are familiar with lullabies, but what about fun songs to sing to baby? Next time your baby is lying on the baby pads for floor, croon the following songs for infants and watch their reaction!

Your baby will have a great time, and so will you!

Luckily, the list is extensive, so you can try a couple of tracks to see which one is your baby’s favorite.

But, before I move on to the songs to sing to baby that aren’t lullaby, let’s cover several reasons humming these songs is beneficial for the baby!

Benefits of Singing To Your Baby

Interaction with your baby is essential, especially in the first months after the baby is born. Check out why you should include lovely songs for babies in your everyday baby routine!

Helps Develop Language

Singing classic songs, modern tracks and your own verses to your baby helps the baby to distinguish syllables and understand the difference between individual words. Older babies can learn new words and understand language comprehension. There is even a song Do Re Mi, created especially for these purposes!

You can use props mentioned in the lyrics while singing to help the baby understand the meaning of the words or learn about body parts.

Soothes the Baby

There are so many bedtime songs to sing to a fussy cry baby. Repeating certain syllables has soothing effects and may help the baby fall asleep easier. The Rock-a-Bye baby song is a good example!

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Singing Increases Bonding

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The more interaction you have with your baby, the stronger the bond between the two of you is. When you include other family members, singing songs becomes an incredible bonding time.

Helps Baby to Learn Rhythm

Music is the best way to teach the baby about rhythm. Because you are your baby’s favorite person and play buddy despite having the best baby play mat or baby toys for playtime, your singing is an easy way to introduce rhythm to your little angel. It also improves the baby’s listening skills.

Easy Way to Interact with the Baby

Coming up with new ways to play and entertain the baby can be challenging. Luckily, singing is always a great idea.

Because there are numerous sweet songs to sing to your baby, you can always pick a new sweet song and keep the baby entertained. You’ll never have to sing the same song twice if you don’t want to!

Lovely Songs to Sing To Baby That Aren’t Lullaby

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Here is my turn on the best songs to sing to baby. My baby loves most of them, as I am sure yours will, too!

Classic Infant Songs To Sing

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes is one of the most popular classic baby songs to sing because it has a catchy rhythm and an educational character. From the title, you can guess it helps the baby to learn the body parts.

You can start even before your baby turns one, so the baby gets used to words! It also helps the baby exercise and develops gross motor skills since it’s among the popular gross motor activities for infants, so it is a great song!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Old MacDonald Had a Farm and the next sweet song on my list are good songs to sing to baby to help your precious one distinguish syllables. On top of everything, the song has a catchy rhythm so the baby can dance to it!

The ABC Song

Even though the ABC song is one of the most covered songs, the original version is still my top pick. It helps the baby to learn the alphabet and distinguish individual sounds.

Baby Shark

The Baby shark song was released only a few years ago. But it has become one of the most watched Youtube videos with over 12 billion views.

It is enough to make it one of the classy songs to sing to newborns, toddlers, and older kids! Everyone loves this upbeat song, and it comes with excellent choreography, too!

If You’re Happy And You Know It

The beauty of some songs from our own childhood is that they are fun, catchy, and educational. If you’re happy and you know it is one of those timeless songs which will always be entertaining for the little ones.

Disney Songs


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a classic baby song that many of us remember from one of the best Disney stories ever – Mary Poppins. Even if you don’t get the groovy lyrics right, your baby will enjoy the rhythm of this cute Disney song!

Baby Mine

Baby Mine from Dumbo is a sweet song that will ensure you have goosebumps during the entire song. But, it is one of the most beautiful Disney soundtracks ever released. So, teach the baby about love and play the Dumbo movie when your kid gets older!

You’re Welcome

You’re Welcome from the Moana movie performed by amazing Dwayne Johnson is delightful and a great way to teach your baby some manners! The song also allows you to make fool facies and create a fun show for the baby!

Un Poco Loco

The song from the movie Coco is a remarkable song for playtime. Your baby might not understand the words, but the catchy rhyme and rhythm of the song, alongside eye contact and silly faces performed by you, will ensure your baby has the best time!

Modern Songs to Sing to Babies

Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold by Katy Perry might not be an obvious choice to sing to your baby. But, if you are interested in creating a list of pop songs to sing to baby, include it and watch as your baby tries to dance and hum!

The song is so fun and catchy, so it is easy to engage with the baby during play time.

Cover Me in Sunshine

When Pink released the song Cover me in sunshine sung by her and her daughter Willow Sage, it was clear that it will become one of the most popular songs about parenting ever. It is also one of the best songs to sing to baby girl.

When your baby gets older, you can practice performing it together!

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

The precious lyrics of the Bob Marley song Three Little Bird are just what your baby needs to hear repeatedly to build confidence and positive association with life and worries! It also has a soothing effect, so it might help the baby relax! You can sing it during the bath.

Friends Theme – I’ll Be There For You

If you want to find a family anthem, consider the theme from the TV show Friends. I’ll Be There For You can be a fantastic friends and family song. It is a great idea to sing it early to your baby so he or she gets familiar with this feel good song!

You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me from Taylor Swift has some unusual positive vibes, and it is easy to learn how to sing. You can sing it during playtime to entertain the baby, and it is excellent to cheer the baby up!

Fun/Silly Songs

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Singing Itsy bitsy spider was one of the easiest ways to get my baby girl to smile from the early days. If you are starting to enjoy those first smiles from your baby, try the silly song about spider! It works like a charm!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Even though the lyrics from the silly song Hickory Dickory Dock make little sense, the repetitive lyrics are appropriate for newborns.

The simplicity of the beautiful melody and lyrics makes it so universal and baby-friendly!

Be Our Guest

The Be Our Guest song from Beauty and the Beast allows you to create a fun performance for the baby. The chorus is catchy, and you can include older kids or your partner to sing other parts and make this sweet tune more dynamic!

Your angel might not know how to show appreciation, but giggles and smiles will tell you are doing excellent work!

Under the Sea

Who doesn’t love the Under the Sea song? This upbeat classic song from Little Mermaid is great to play in the car and during bath time! The entire family can take part in the performance!

Tiny Tim the Turtle

Is your bundle of joy learning new sounds yet? Try singing the silly song Tiny Tim the turtle and help the child expand the list of new sounds and words! Tiny Tim the Turtle is a fun song, with simple lyrics.

Soothing Songs to Sing

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

If you want to skip lullabies tonight, try humming The Lion sleeps tonight song! If you rock the baby in the song’s rhythm, it might help your little one fall asleep quicker!

This sweet tune is so catchy, and it will get stuck in your head for weeks!


If you have a pretty voice, now is the time to show it! Sing Edelweiss from Julie Andrews to your little one before sleep to create a calming sleeping environment. Edelweiss is an old gem, and it might take you some time until you learn the lyrics.

Beautiful Boy

The Beautiful Boy by John Lennon is one of the most beautiful songs to sing to baby boy before bedtime or any other time of the day! It is a masterpiece and brilliant music to introduce your little boy to from an early age.

Also, if you are pregnant with a boy, you can add it to your list of songs to sing to baby in womb.

Once Upon a Dream

If you want to skip lullabies and are looking for modern songs to sing at bedtime, don’t skip the Once upon a dream soundtrack from the Maleficent movie. Lana Del Rey did an excellent job in this song, and you will enjoy singing it to your baby!

I Called Mama

There aren’t many country songs to sing to baby to calm her before bedtime, but I Called Mama country song by Tim McGraw qualifies! The soothing melody and nice lyrics make a perfect lullaby alternative for country music lovers!


Music is an important part of life and gives you numerous opportunities to entertain your child and bond with them! My favorite song these days to my kid is Cover Me In Sunshine! What is your top pick? Do you prefer classic lullabies over these songs?

What songs do you sing to your baby or kids? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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