10 All-Time Popular Toddler Boy Haircut Ideas That Will Make Your Little Young Man Look Dashing

My 3-year-old nephew has the sweetest curls in the world, and for the longest time, my sister was afraid to cut them. But one day he got gum stuck in his hair, and my sister knew it was time to part with the curls. It was time to get this 3-year-old boy a haircut, and even though it hurt her heart, it had to be done.

My sister wasn’t sure where to start when it came to getting a toddler boy haircut, so I started looking around for her. After some research, I came up with the perfect haircut for the little guy.

Since I’ve done all of this research on toddler boy haircuts and hairstyles I figured why not share what I’ve found with all of you, in case maybe you need some inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most popular toddler haircuts for boys, so read on to find out!

10 Popular All-Time Favorite Hairstyles for Toddler Boys

Haircuts for little boys is a totally different ball game than toddler girl haircuts. To help you decide on the best haircut for your toddler boy, here’s a list of cute hairstyles for boy toddlers. We’ve chosen a variety of styles and cuts for different hair types so whatever kind of hair your little one has, you’ll be able to find one that you like.

#1 Crew Cut

Crew cuts are such a classic look for any age, and they’re easy to style, which is great for a little guy who’s constantly on the move. With a crew cut, the sides are short with the hair on top a little longer.

This is a great style for little guys with thicker hair, as you won’t need to use any product to make it look good. It works well for thinner hair, though – just use a natural pomade or wax to get a perfectly styled look. This is a great option for a two-year-old boy hairstyle.

Tutorial: How To Do A Crew Cut

#2 Fauxhawk

If you want to give your little guy a bit of an adorable edge, go for a faux hawk. It will make your toddler stand out, and will make him feel so cool, plus if he has a cowlick it’s an easy way to hid it.

It’s a lot like an adult mohawk, except that the sides are buzzed short instead of shaved, and the central section is left longer. Use a natural pomade or wax to get the spiky look of a mohawk.

Tutorial: How To Get a Modern Fauxhawk At Home Kids’ Haircut

#3 Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the easiest of all of the toddler boy haircut styles, and it looks good on a wide variety of face shapes and hair types. The buzz cut is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much styling, but you can use some gel to give it a little texture.

There are many different lengths of buzz cuts, so it just depends on how close of a cut you want. Buzz cuts can be close to the head with a number one clipper, or you can go a little longer with a two or three. This is one of the best boy hairstyles for baby’s first haircut.

Tutorial: How to do a Buzz Cut

#4 Side Parting

The side part is a classic, polished haircut that’s a little bit retro but still timeless. It looks good on all kinds of face shapes and works well on boys with deep side parts and fine, straight hair.

To get a polished look with this stylish little boy haircut, use a natural pomade or wax and smooth the hair across one side to the other with a comb.

Tutorial: How To Do a Side Part Cut

#5 Fade Hairstyle

There are many different haircuts that use the fade for a trendy, clean look. Go for a bold fade for an easy-to-maintain haircut.

After the barber creates the look you can easily keep up the sides at home with a buzzer. This trendy toddler boy haircut will have everyone taking a second look at your little guy!

Tutorial: How to Do a Mid Skin Fade

#6 Fringe

If your little boy has fine, straight hair, the fringe cut is a retro but modern look. The fringe haircut is shorter and has more layers for dimension, and it’s very versatile. Give it texture with some natural pomade and your little guy will be ready to rock ‘n roll!

Tutorial: How to Cut Shaggy Bangs for Men

#7 Layered

For a little guy who likes his hair longer, go with a medium-length cut with some layers for texture and movement. This hairstyle works for both curly and straight hair. It looks adorable as a one-year-old gentle boy haircut.

You can style it parted in the middle or on the side, slicked back, in a ponytail, or braided.

Tutorial: How to Cut Boy’s Layered Hairstyle

#8 Quiff

This is a classic adult hairstyle that looks great on little boys. On special occasions it looks very put-together. The quiff works well with straight hair, with the sides and back cut short. You can make it a little more modern and edgy with a fade on the sides.

To get the classic quiff look, use some natural pomade to form the front section into a quiff and comb the sides flat.

Tutorial: How to Cut A Boy’s Pompadour or Quiff

#9 Spiky Style

If your little boy has thick hair and loves cartoons, he’s going to look great in the spiky hair style. It’s a lot like a faux hawk but there’s more length on the sides. A strong-hold gel will get the spikes upright all day.

Spiky style. - 10 All-Time Popular Toddler Boy Haircuts | Baby Journey
Source: Hairmanz

Tutorial: How to Cut Spiky Style

#10 Natural style

If your little man has naturally curly hair, you can just leave them as is. There are some important tips you need to follow, though, to keep it looking at its best.

Make sure to trim the ends regularly, as they dry out and break more easily than straight hair. Use your fingers or a special curl pick to comb curly hair so it doesn’t get frizzy. Make sure to moisturize to keep it healthy!

Tutorial: Natural Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

The Long and Short of It

When there are so many different looks, it can be really hard to choose a toddler boy hairstyle for your little man. My sister had a hard time choosing for her toddler, so I’m glad I was able to help her out.

Hopefully this list of 10 popular little boy hairstyles helps you decide when it comes time to give your little guy a haircut.

Did you like our list? Feel free to share your favorites below, and share this article with any friends who might need help choosing a haircut as well!

Also, if you’ve given your little boy a haircut, feel free to share your photos to @babyjourney0183 on Pinterest – we look forward to them!

10 All-Time Popular Toddler Boy Haircuts | Baby Journey

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